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White Privilege: Why To Use It To Help People Of Color

Ever since I started writing for Affinity, my eyes have been opened much more to the amount of injustice and prejudice that is present in our world. As a black female, growing up in a world like ours, it’s already obvious to me that I’m going to have to work harder that others will. *ahem* white cisgender males *ahem*. And it’s not because I have less or worse qualifications than they do. Oh no, it’s


Why The Next James Bond Won’t Be A Person Of Colour

If you’re like me, you’ve grown up with the Bond film series. With 36 installments spanning over 50 years, it’s hard to be a British or even an international citizen without hearing about one of if not the most iconic film franchise of all time. Blatant sexism is just one problem the series features but if I was to go into all of them this article would be ridiculously long. There is one thing that we all


Why This Is The Most Important Fashion Line Out There

As a person of color, the majority of the time I find it insanely difficult to find nude items that are complementary to my skin tone. Items I find seem mismatched to my dark skin and even though I do love nude clothing and makeup items, the things I do find do not make me as enthusiastic towards them as I should be. And then I discovered the Nünunde clothing line. This UK based line caters

Make Up & Hair

3 Hairstyles For Afro Hair You Really Need To Try

Disclaimer: This article focuses on 3c-4c hair. If you’re like me you find it insanely difficult to find a way to control those beautiful curls we call an afro. There are many tutorials all over YouTube but I personally can never find some to fit my specific hair type. Dealing with natural hair can be a monstrous but no longer. I am here to give you 3 quick and easy ways to style an afro

Mental Health

Talking About Depression Should Be Normalized

27 months ago, I was suffering from depression. 27 months ago, I was living day by day not knowing if I was going to survive. 27 months ago, I was so alone that I didn’t even notice the people around me. 27 months later, I’m here and alive. I’m proudly able to say that I’ve beaten depression. At age fifteen, I wasn’t a comfortable person. I hated conflict and I forgave too easily. I let friends use

Make Up & Hair

5 Things Non-Black People Don’t Understand About Black Hair

Roll up. Roll up, I’m about to put you through a short lesson all about one thing us black people hold close: our hair. Disclaimer: there is a scale when judging on the curliness of hair, this article is focusing on 3b-4c. 3b and 3c hair refers to full bodied humidity prone with a lowercase ‘s’ type curl. 4a, 4b and 4c hair is tightly coiled, fine and fragile. Proper care needs to go into

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