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The War on Drugs and its Failure

The Drug War is a commonly used term dictating America’s problem with drug prohibition, drug abuse, crime, and health. But what is the drug war? What does it entail about America? Is the President of the United States even interested in ending the drug war or just putting Black and latino citizens behind bars? The war on drugs is just another way to fuel mass incarceration and to target people of color and the poor.

Real Life

The Importance of Taboo Topics in South Asian Societies

A very taboo topic In South Asian society is the topic of Masturbation. In fact, young brown girls and boys weren’t even told about masturbation let alone had the “sex talk.” There was no talk about periods, Porn, masturbation, or sex. This is because we come from generations of brown families whose childhoods were spent being constrained. As new generations came, times changed. The 21st century brought in new ideas and challenged old ones. For


There’s Nothing Wrong With Modesty Nor Nudity

In today’s society, people will tell you that what you’re wearing defines who you are; what kind of person you are. If you’re covered up, you’re a nice, respectful, young individual. And if you’re not, you’re a whore, slut, etc. People shame others because of their appearance disregarding the fact that they could actually be a decent human being. What matters is whether the individual feels comfortable in what they’re wearing. However, there will always

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What I Learned From Attending N.A. Meetings

Sitting in a room full of people in their teenage years talking about your feelings sounds like absolute hell. I thought the same thing when I entered the dark and gloomy room. New faces everywhere. Some smiling so big it looked like they were stoned (ironically) and some looking so hard into your eyes as if wanting to destroy every bit of dignity you had left. I thought “Great now I can be even more

Real Life

No Justice Served in Rape Trial Yet Again

As we all know, the Stanford rape case was an unfair and disgusting one. Because of it, rape cases all over the United States have eyes on them. The American people will protest, hang signs, call or email judges if they even suspect an unfair trial. And in the case of a Montana rape, a petition was made on calling for the impeachment of Judge John Mckeon for ignorning the suggestion of the prosecution and letting a


Why Everyone Needs to Watch This LGBTQ+ Movie

As someone who is very fond of LGBTQ+ movies, I was very hectic when I heard about “First Girl I Loved” directed by Kerem Sanga and starring Dylan Gelula, Brianna Hildebrand and Mateo Arias. The perfect teen queer romance film. Little did I know the movie reveals serious topics that should not be taken lightly such as rape, homophobia and one’s sexuality. I can’t even begin to express the emotions I was feeling when watching

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Why India’s Ban on Pakistani Actors is Uncalled for

Bollywood has become one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries of the world. It’s known for the many artists it brings. For example, Katrina Kaif from London and Kalki Koechlin from France. Recently, it has been known to bring in pakistani actors such as Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. However, recent disputes between the two countries of India and Pakistan made India ban pakistani actors from taking part in bollywood films. The debate about who

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