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How Colonial Europe’s Worldview Bred Present-Day Homophobia

On a UN resolution in 2014 that affirmed protection from and support against anti-LGBT violence and discrimination, only 14 countries voted ‘No’. Among the most prominent were Algeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon and Ethiopia. This seems to be nothing unusual; third-world countries are regularly associated with conservative and bigoted social values in Western media, while the countries who voted ‘For’ (the USA, UK, Germany and other Western powerhouses)


What It’s Like Living Under Pakistan’s Homophobic Regime

Under the Pakistan Penal Code, sodomy is punishable with a 2-to-10-year prison sentence, alongside a fine of about ten thousand dollars, enormous when you consider the average income of a Pakistani. Any discourse on the topic of homosexuality in mainstream forms of media is met with extreme amounts of hostility, evidenced by the riots triggered by Islamist groups when the U.S. Embassy attempted to host a gay pride event in 2011. In a state where Orthodox

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Fat Shaming Doesn’t Help Victims “Get Skinnier”

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to read arguments in support of fat shaming, you’ve probably found that one of the most common claims regarding the arguments is that it somehow helps the victims. Yes, a degrading, horrible practice that is widely recognized as a leading cause of depression and anxiety disorders, is helpful to the victim. But the individuals in support of the claim go beyond this. Using some pseudo-philosophical pseudo-stoic reasoning, they say that the shaming and

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Rojava: The Feminist, Direct Democratic, Secular Entity in Syria’s North

As the epicentre of a conflict that involves Islamic fundamentalist groups and a dictator holding on to power, Syria would probably be the last place you’d consider a hub of what has been characterised as a ‘social revolution’: a resurgence in ideals of radical women empowerment, secular liberalisation, democratic federalism akin to anarchist ideas of government, and freedom of religion. Yet just a few miles from the ISIS’s capital Raqqa, this very movement is in

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