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Forgetting What I Was Going To Say Doesn’t Make It Unimportant

A lot of people are guilty of saying and believing the popular phrase, “If you forgot what you were going to say, it probably wasn’t important in the first place.” Not only is the concept that one forgetting something means it’s unimportant a neurotypical concept, it’s also just plain rude. For people with mental illnesses and disabilities like ADD and Alzheimer’s, poor memory is just a part of everyday life. I have ADD and I


Why Can’t All Salons Know How to Do Black Hair?

I wanted to pamper myself and was looking for a salon where I could get my hair done. I was calling up multiple salons to see which one I should go to; I asked about pricing, what services they offered and, most importantly, if they do Black hair. As I further described in a YouTube video, I was essentially told, “No, we don’t do Black hair here.” The response I was given didn’t make me

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