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4 Things You Might Still Be Doing That Are Racist

Someone can be a racist regardless of their religion, intelligence, cultural level, social status, benevolence towards members of their own race or social motivation. Having a diverse range of friends or being a liberal doesn’t exempt you from being racist. Although some remarks don’t entirely mean to offend people in that way, still, it’s racist and that has to change. Here are just 4 examples of being a racist: Ignorant towards learning other cultures Another example


Go Global – Just Don’t Forget Your Roots

Globalization has affected nearly every aspect of the human life. Its effects have positively influenced a country’s economic growth, political stability, demographic changes and rising education levels, Indonesia included. There is an increasing importance in getting a tertiary education to modern Indonesians, and studying abroad is no longer ‘foreign’. It has been reported that approximately 36,000 students – 1% of Indonesia’s student population – currently study abroad and expected to have a 20% annual growth.


Dear Indonesians: Stop Glorifying White Skin and Start Embracing Yours

The idea of ‘white supremacy’ does not only contain supremacy within a racial context, it can also correspond to a melanin reference, especially in Indonesia, where I was born and raised. Traditionally in East and Southeast Asia, having light skin was referred to nobility as the superior didn’t have to work under the harsh sunlight on the field. In contrast, brown-skinned girls were deemed poor and filthy. Indonesians have always looked positively on having ‘white’

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