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An Interview With Navraj Singh: A Member of the Women’s March Youth Cohort

Navraj Singh is a change-maker from Virginia who, since February 2018, has been working both by himself and with the young people around him to create visible change on a national level, starting with commonsense gun reform. In his community, he cofounded the Mobilizing Youth Project and has since organized a #DEFUNDHATE Rally. Although he is only in high school, Navraj interned under Abigail Spanberger and is a part of the Women’s March Youth Cohort. Besides

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Users Are NOT Happy With Snapchat’s New Update

Recently, Snapchat released an update, called version 10.25.00. Snapchat states that this update lets their users make their bitmojis become more customized and personalized. Snapchat users can now also share stories with their friends who aren’t on the social media app. A spokesperson for Snapchat prepared everyone for the different update by saying “updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once


Justin Trudeau Visits UChicago And Talks About Being A Feminist (Something That He’s Not)

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, prides himself on being a feminist. In a visit to the University of Chicago, on 7 Feb. 2018, he said, “You don’t define yourself by what you get from the world, but what you give to the world.” He has stated several times that he and his wife are raising feminist children because that is what we need to do to make the world better. In fact, in October

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Falcon Heavy Rocket Has A Successful Takeoff

Today, on 6 Feb. 2018, SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon Heavy rocket. It took around five million pounds to help thrust the rocket into orbit. This rocket is called the Falcon Heavy rocket because there are 27 total engines that were used to help it take off into space; this is the biggest amount of engines used to send a rocket into space. The Falcon Heavy took off from Florida at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The


A Republican Campaign Ad Claims Anyone in a Sanctuary City “Could Be Killed By an Illegal Immigrant”

Since he has been sworn into presidency, Trump has created a Muslim ban and helped increase Islamophobia among each other. The ironic part is that not a lot of people know what Islam truly is. Some people call Muslims “Islams,” while others choose to believe that anyone with Southeast Asian or Middle Eastern descent is a Muslim terrorist. Not a lot of people know that Islam is a peaceful religion; Islam is the word for peace.


Islamophobia Is on the Rise in Canada

Today marks the one year anniversary of Quebec’s mosque shooting. Last year, on this day, Muslims were gunned down in their place of worship, a mosque. There were over twenty five casualties. Six men were shot dead. Since then, there has been a movement online with the hashtag #RememberJan29. According to Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Markham, a city in Ontario, Canada, is one of the first cities to proclaim that from now on, January 29 is


UK Citizen Illegally Detained In India

Jagtar Singh Johal, who goes by the nickname Jaggi, has been in the Punjab Police’s custody since Nov. 4, 2017. Jaggi was born and brought up in Scotland. He visited his homeland, India, to get married, but was instead detained. Some sources claim that the Government of India has proof that Jaggi was involved with the assassinations of Hindu leaders in Punjab, but these are rumors and mere speculation: nothing has been presented with concrete


India’s Section 377 Is Against Human’s Rights

In India, transgender people are entitled to human rights, but people who engage in consensual homosexual relations can be arrested. In fact, homosexuality is a taboo subject in society. For a country that risked death to gain their freedom, going to jail for your sexual orientation does not seem right. Section 377 in the Indian Penal Code states that “whoever has carnal intercourse shall be punishable.” Punishing someone for whom they’re attracted to is, again, not


Tibetan Refugees Might Be Spying On India

On Jan. 4, the Indian Intelligence Bureau sent out many warnings that Tibetan refugees, who have been seeking refuge in India, could possibly be spying on India. They have been given incentives to give information about parts of the northern area of India for the past two years. Many young Tibetan refugees are taking money in exchange for helping Chinese officials. These ‘spies’ have already left for China and do not face any danger from

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