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Nuskiya Nasar

The Harmfulness of Pork: A Secular-Based Statement

According to the research carried out by the Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet project for the Vital Signs Online, the world’s production of meat has tripled over the last four decades, increasing 20 per cent in just the last 10 years out of which Pork is the widely consumed meat in the world followed by poultry, beef and mutton. Hernando de Soto is called “The father of the American pork industry,” going back to the

Real Life

Five Types of Guys to Avoid in Life

A teacher of mine once said that, “Having a diverse group of friends only gets you in unwanted troubles.”  I wouldn’t say she was wrong but I wouldn’t say she was completely right either– having a lot of friends, who were completely different from my type, was the reason behind how I learned about so many different things in life, like different perspectives/views, acceptance of different other people for who they really are and not necessarily for how


Kamer Nizamdeen’s Arrest: Islamophobia or an Act of Racism?

Kamer Nizamdeen, a 25-year-old Sri Lankan citizen who immigrated to Australia in order to pursue his higher education at the University of New South Wales, is an extraordinary boy with quite a lot of unbeatable talents in the field of tech. He not only studied alongside working, mentoring and helping his college friends with some projects but also with numerous other students, he collaborated with NSW police, along with the NSW government, and developed an

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