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Nuskiya Nasar

Sri Lanka Under Attack Due To Consecutive Massive Bombings

It was almost 10 years after Sri Lanka, the Paradise Island -as it is often addressed was over with its civil war, earned the title of the ‘Best Country’ in the world to travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet. This South-Asian island was chosen for the top spot in the guidebook publisher’s annual Best in Travel Awards as a result of its better and improved transport facilities, new-attractive hotels and a flourishing number of interesting

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Samsung Celebrates 10 Years of Galaxy With Extraordinary Innovation

It is not a secret that the hashtag #GalaxyFold started trending not just hours but even days before the commencement of the Samsung unpacked event, indicating how Samsung fans and tech geeks were all curiously awaiting Samsung’s unveiling of the next generation of smartphones. On February 20, the event began with a preview of the new and most amazing foldable phone. The foldable smartphone is known as the Galaxy Fold, which is a tall and


Consanguineous Marriages: A Cultural Crisis

From the Latin word consanguinitas, consanguinity is defined as ‘blood relation,’ as an another individual being descended from the same ancestor carrying some or a few similar genes. Accordingly, consanguineous marriages are a union between two individuals who are related; be it first or second cousins relating from the same progenitor when they look back into and carefully observe their family tree right from a few years ago. Theologically, according to Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) married

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Zuckerberg’s Plan to Integrate Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Messengers

It’s not a secret that today’s modern world is rushing forward with high speed with all sorts of developments to a variety of software programs, intriguing flagships of already existing smartphones and other major drastic improvements in social media applications. Many updates of popular applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp Instagram and Viber have been rolling in the past few years. Facebook revamped its messaging section, launching an application originally named ‘Facebook Chat’ in 2008 and


The Harmfulness of Pork: A Secular-Based Statement

According to the research carried out by the Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet project for the Vital Signs Online, the world’s production of meat has tripled over the last four decades, increasing 20 per cent in just the last 10 years out of which Pork is the widely consumed meat in the world followed by poultry, beef and mutton. Hernando de Soto is called “The father of the American pork industry,” going back to the

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Five Types of Guys to Avoid in Life

A teacher of mine once said that, “Having a diverse group of friends only gets you in unwanted troubles.”  I wouldn’t say she was wrong but I wouldn’t say she was completely right either– having a lot of friends, who were completely different from my type, was the reason behind how I learned about so many different things in life, like different perspectives/views, acceptance of different other people for who they really are and not necessarily for how


Kamer Nizamdeen’s Arrest: Islamophobia or an Act of Racism?

Kamer Nizamdeen, a 25-year-old Sri Lankan citizen who immigrated to Australia in order to pursue his higher education at the University of New South Wales, is an extraordinary boy with quite a lot of unbeatable talents in the field of tech. He not only studied alongside working, mentoring and helping his college friends with some projects but also with numerous other students, he collaborated with NSW police, along with the NSW government, and developed an

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