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The Best Way To Cheat

Hey! Hey, you! Are you sick and tired of your significant other, well then you’ve come to the right article! Here at Infidelity Inc.™, we are outfitted with the best methods and reasons to cheat. Of course, don’t mind the fact that in most relationships there will come a time when the passion, fire, and sexual drive to %@#^& and @&^$%!@^* your significant other will run dry; that’s completely unnatural and signals that one should


How To Talk About Your Opinions Like A Pro

In this time, when the politics of the United States seems more complicated, confusing, and polarized than usual, being politically and socially literate is becoming ever more important. So important, that to be ignorant of issues, or at least too ignorant to know how to learn about and examine issues, might as well be considered a crime against one’s fellow citizens, family, friends, and, especially, oneself. The United States government, regardless of whether or not

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