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Dear Daily Mail: Anti-Depressants Are NOT Happy Pills

Friday’s issue of the Daily Mail (29th December) came with a harmful and ignorant headline, as usual. ‘A Nation Hooked on Happy Pills’ was stamped across the front page, titling an article about the increased distribution of anti-depressants by GP’s in Britain. The article states that prescription rates trebled in the last 15 years, putting Britain at the top of the world tables. While not factually incorrect, the reference to Anti-depressants as ‘Happy Pills’ is inaccurate and


Tories Ask Rich Londoners to Rate How Important the Grenfell Tower Fire Is to Them

The Kensington branch of the Conservative party have issued a leaflet asking constituents to rate how important the Grenfell Tower and providing aid to those affected by the tragedy is to them. The statement that is to be rated from 0-10 as to how important the issue is to constituents reads: “the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower and help for the families affected and the wider community.” Kensington residents have reportedly found the leaflet to


As Of This Morning, Uber No Longer Works In London

As of this morning, app-driven cab service Uber has lost it’s licence to operate in London as Transport For London has deemed it an improperly operating service. Their licence expires on September 30th, during which time Uber can continue to operate until they have exhausted their allowances to make appeals. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan justified the removal of Uber on LBC radio by stating that Uber refused to ‘play by the rules’ in regards


Luxury Housing Is Making Living in London Impossibly Expensive

The horrific events of the Grenfell Tower fire have since brought to light the burgeoning class divide in London, a divide that is being widened, in part, by the rapid emergence of Luxury housing complexes on what feels like every street corner in the capital. The names of the investors that own the empty houses surrounding the tower block have recently been revealed, and outrage has been sparked by the idea of people living overseas


Is Jeremy Corbyn Unelectable?

Since the snap General Election was announced last week, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has begun his election campaign by proposing his plan for Brexit, which will strongly focus on keeping the UK within the European Union’s single market. It’s a good plan, the single market being of great advantage to the people of the UK, but is it enough to get him elected? Opinions on Corbyn have always been divided, even within his own


Theresa May Calls General Election for June 8th

Today on April 18th at 11am, Prime Minister Theresa May interrupted the BBC One broadcasting with an announcement. In her message, May declared that she is calling for a General Election on June 8th. Due to May becoming Prime Minister as a result of a vote within her party after David Cameron stepped down, rather than by General Election, her legitimacy is questionable as the public did not put her in her position. As May


The Art of Misdirection: Theresa May vs. National Trust

Like most politicians, Prime Minister of England Theresa May has a habit of speaking in soundbites. By this I mean that often her statements will be made out of catchy pseudo-meaningful one-liners that don’t actually mean anything, but will make a good headline and get a good cheer, my favourite being “Red, White, and Blue Brexit.” Now May has evolved to entirely ignoring big issues and only speaking on small, insignificant matters rather than the


How Prudish Sex Education Is Leading Teenagers Into Unsafe Sex

“I’m not going to tell you not to have sex,” my teacher told me in year 8 “I’m going to teach you real sex education.” She then proceeded to do nothing but present us with graphic pictures of STD’s, and show us how to put a condom on a dauntingly large blue dildo. Now, my teacher most certainly did tell me how to have ‘safe’ sex, in the sense that I know how not to

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