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America, The Cry For Change Will Never End

Freedom, liberty, constitutional rights, and the ability to bring forth change: these are some of the core ideological pillars this nation is built up upon. American history is enriched with the idea of change being a leading force to progress society, to build a better one. It is incorporated in almost every aspect of history. Millions immigrate to the United States in hopes of change. Many protest day and night to highlight the need for


Fashion: A Movement Beyond Clothes

If someone were to mention that they’re into haute couture, fashion week, or are simply a fashion enthusiast, you’d be surprised how many people immediately look down upon their interest. Many express that fashion is pointless, shallow, or even a waste of time in this fast paced world. Some choose to ignore it because what they see on runways and advertisements don’t match their consumer preferences or simply the idea that the costumes are “outrageous,

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Harsh Realities of Feminism Outside the United States: South Asia

Living in a developed nation like the United States, the core values and thoughts regarding feminism can differ greatly to someone from a less developed or developing nation. It’s not uncommon for someone to run into a message about gender equality and female rights almost anywhere, especially social media platforms that encourage the fast paced spread of such messages. One can simply retweet a thought provoking tweet and undertake a contributing role in the unending

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Piers Morgan, India Deserves to Celebrate

The Olympic Games have always been a global celebration of athleticism and every country enters with a different motive. Whether it be to secure the most medals, showcase their best athletes on a global scale, bring prominence to their country, or even to escape the tensions back home and allow the Games to be a temporary refreshing shade. Every country is different and all the athletes come from varied upbringing and development in their specific

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