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The Damage a White-Centric Education Has on Young People of Color

With it being Black History Month in the UK, it’s that time of year when schools pretend to care about black history for a week before returning to their ethnocentric education. It’s that ironic month where pupils sit in school assemblies where they watch videos about how a lack of representation in school subjects can affect pupils of color before going to their history lessons where they’ll learn about the Tudor period for the fifth time in their


The Perpetual Cycle of Toxic Masculinity Among Arab Men

From a young age, in many Arab families, boys are taught that they have a certain dominance over women, while simultaneously being socialised into the mindset that they must be tough and manly or they aren’t “proper men”. In addition to this socialisation, the conjugal roles are extremely segregated between the sexes, considering; while girls have the cleaning and domestic roles instilled into them, boys have heavy work and the breadwinner roles instilled instead. So,

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Selective Grieving and Its Prevalence in Society

Selective grieving is essentially the notion that some countries or certain types of people are favoured over others, so if an attack of a similar magnitude were to occur in two countries, the preferred country would receive more media attention and support while the other would be neglected and receive little to no media recognition at all. An example of this would be: the recent Las Vegas shooting received an exponential amount of media attention

Mental Health

Teenage Stress Levels Are Rapidly Increasing, It’s Time We Stop Ignoring the Effect Stress Has on Teens

The average High School teenager today has the same level of anxiety and stress as a 1950’s Psychiatric patient. Which, oddly enough, makes sense considering how many commitments, homework and exams teens now face; whether it’s upcoming SATs, GCSEs or A-Level exams, the amount of pressure placed on teenagers in school to do well is so exponential that it’s not only played a role in the depression rates increasing by 37% among teens in the


At Least 25 Confederate Monuments Are Being Removed in Response to Charlottesville

Following the protests and violence in Charlottesville, (wherein groups of torch-bearing alt-right protesters gathered for a “Unite the Right” rally which quickly became violent when James Alex Fields drove a car into a crowd of people, killing one and injuring 19), citizens, reportedly, began pressuring their city officials to take down remaining Confederate monuments, therefore, despite Trump’s blatant adoration for these disgusting statues (or as he described them: “beautiful” monuments which “will be greatly missed”) at least


Trumps Silence Towards the Minnesota Mosque Bombing Further Solidifies His Underlying Islamophobia

Last Saturday, a homemade explosive device detonated in a Mosque in Minnesota, but, thankfully, no one was badly injured. Following the blatant hate crime, the Minnesota governor condemned the attack and rightfully labeled it an “act of terrorism”. However, the apparent President of the United States has yet to condemn nor speak on the attack. Although Trump has remained silent, the rest of the White House has not, with Trump’s deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka attempting to


Here’s What’s Going on in the Palestinian Hunger Strike

On April 17, 1,500 Palestinian prisoners announced a hunger strike to protest against the Israeli policy of incarceration with no trial and the horrendous, inhumane conditions in Israeli prisons and in order to shed light on the degrading standards in said prisons. Across six Israeli jails, the fast, which is led by Marwan Barghouti will continue until the striking prisoners attain their rights and demands regarding the prison’s conditions, which have reached now reached a new

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Twitter Has an Issue With Favourtism That They Need to Address

Twitter, for many, is an app used to remain updated, communicate and advertise; for an average user, it’s often used for fun. My experience with Twitter has been usually positive, however recently I have experienced something that has made me think otherwise. Following the London terror attacks, I encountered many hateful accounts, which held no purpose but to spread hate and false information to their followings, and despite an abundance of people reporting said accounts


Why No One Should Support This Muslim Equals Terrorist Narrative

Yesterday afternoon, London was struck with a horrific attack which left 4 dead and 20 injured and today the perpetrator was reported to have been a Muslim man called Khalid Masood who was born and bred in Britain. Rather than respecting and mourning those affected by these attacks, people took it upon themselves to use this attack as a scapegoat to amplify their ignorant and islamophobic views by almost immediately – even before the attacker was

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Why Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge Is The Most Important Role Model

Veronica Lodge is a character in CW’s new critically acclaimed series Riverdale (based off the timeless Archie Comics) who is played by up and coming Brazilian actress Camila Mendes. Although only 4 episodes have been released, Riverdale has already resonated with viewers and Veronica Lodge has instantly become a fan favourite. As soon as the series begins, Veronica is established as this confident yet mysterious new student from New York who’s looking for a fresh start in Riverdale.

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