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Can We Appreciate Elaine Welteroth For a Second?

Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue Not only is Elaine Welteroth the youngest Editor-in-Chief for Condé Nast ever, or the second African-American to hold that title in the entire publication service’s 107 years in business, but is breaking down barriers every single day. The newly appointed Teen Vogue editor has brought politics, culture, and societal issues to the beauty-driven magazine for teens and she is not looking back. Welteroth first started out studying communications and journalism

Real Life

Food Redistribution Could Save the Planet – and Lives

It’s no secret that the United State of America are pioneers in the act of destroying our planet – our country, while only makes up 5% of the population, annually produces 40% of the world’s waste. With ignorant politicians claiming that global warming is a hoax and your favorite foods coming packaged in pounds of plastic, it may seem like we will never be able to reverse the harmful actions put upon our planet. But


Society Needs to Stop Defending Problematic Men Just Because They Are Men

Photo Courtesy of E! Online Trigger Warning: Rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse Sexism has always been apart of women’s lives everywhere. Society deems it normal for men to crack “harmless” jokes about their bodies, and exploit them both emotionally and sexually, and beat them senseless. Now, I am aware that not every single man on earth performs these acts of horror. And I am also aware that some women do abuse their partners, but according


It’s Okay For Teenagers to be Politically Active

In this society of red and blue, “donkey and elephant” that we live in, it’s hard to not get caught up in your own opinions. Politics flood newsrooms on the daily, and can be conversation starters at restaurants nightly. But whenever someone, especially teenagers, talk frequently about their political views and passions, they are quickly regarded as “obsessed” or “pushy.” But I’m here to say that it’s okay for young people to be opinionated and


What if Gender Never Existed?

The year is 2017. While sexists, misogynists and meninists are still alive and unfortunately well, the gender gap is slowly but surely closing. Makeup worn by men is not as secret as it has been, and women are now being encouraged to work in male-expected occupations. This positive and rapid change in history has me wondering: what would it be like if gender never existed? It’s no secret that gender and sex are two completely

Mental Health

No, Addiction Is Not a Choice

Scrolling through social media platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr and coming across aesthetic-pastel-goth-90’s-grunge-inspired accounts sharing photos of adolescents and young adults smoking, drinking, and sharing needles while they are praised for their “trendiness.” But as I walk down the streets of my city noticing homeless signs, pleading for donations, and wanting a second chance with cigarettes dangling from their lips as they are spat on by modern society. “You can’t afford a clean t-shirt


Are the United States Becoming an Oligarchy?

The Trump administration is now in full force, and with that comes drastic change. FBI director since 2013, James Comey, was recently fired by President Trump on May 9th despite position-promised tenure. Many believe he was fired because of Trump’s own biased actions or as an “abuse of power.” Comey was in charge of the ongoing investigation on the ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government, which is why many questions arose. After


Should Guns Be Banned In The United States?

Image Courtesy of Vox. The so-called “war” on guns has been in full effect, and now, under full inspection ever since the Trump administration took office. Since the whole concept is a fiasco in itself, I am here to analyze the dangers of firearms and the cautionary steps we must take as a country to reduce violence as much as possible. It’s no secret that gun violence is a burning issue in this country. “What


As ‘Girls’ Comes To an End, We Must Address the Problematic Lena Dunham

The six-season, comedy-drama television series Girls has finally come to an end. The HBO-produced and Lena Dunham-curated series follows the lives of four white women living in New York City. Think of it as the popular TV show Friends, but with a white feminist twist. The main character, Hannah, finds herself in a rut when her parents announce they will no longer be supporting her financially, and she must brace the downfall of her privilege


Intentionally Misgendering Transgender People is Considered Violence

We can all agree that purposefully calling someone a name is disrespectful, correct? And we know that it’s wrong when we accidentally assume, theoretically, that a person whose name may be gender neutral such as “Sam” or “Alex”’s gender? If so, then why are people still constantly misgendering transgender people on purpose? According to the World Health Organization, violence is referred to as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against

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