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How To Be Politically Active As A Teen

As a teenage in the unpredictable political world we live in, it’s difficult to stay involved in government decisions. We can’t vote, which can often make us feel hopeless and discouraged. However, you can’t let your age stop you from speaking up to the rest of the world. If you’re looking for how you can get involved on local or federal levels, you’ve come to the right place.   Contact your representatives. I know you’re


Environmentally Conscious Fundraisers You Should Try

In a world of quickly diminishing resources, it’s difficult to raise money for school projects or activities without causing more harm than good. As the co-president of my school’s Earth Club, there’s a constant struggle for making our school as eco-friendly as possible. Due to poor funding in our school district, the Earth Club is responsible for anything environmentally useful, from vegan friendly snack options to simple recycling bins in classrooms. Here’s some fundraising ideas


Genders Don’t Love, People Do

Quite recently, my friends and I were at a swim team meet when we overheard a conversation a few guys were having next to us. I am not completely sure what the topic was, but one of them said: “I would feel uncomfortable if there was a gay guy on swim team.” Statistically, given that the swim team is rather large, there probably are. But my questions follow: where do students get these opinions and

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