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Why “Lemonade” Was The Most Important Album of 2016

The year 2016 as Kylie Jenner (unintentionally, yet hilariously) put it was really the year of just realizing stuff. For many black people, in wake of the presidential election, and the highly publicized police brutality & police killings that occurred on social media all throughout the year as a whole we saw our community begin to wake up. Many television shows began to tackle racial issues casually and gracefully, and many musicians, models, and actors


Why You Shouldn’t Be Supporting Atlanta, Or Donald Glover

In 2016, it seems like blackness is taking over television. With ABC staple shows led by killer black women like “Scandal”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, and “blackISH”, Fox’s smash hit “Empire”, and OWN’s “Queen Sugar”, it seems like the presence of black TV shows are at an all-time high and there’s no intention of stopping them. With this rise of black TV came the show “Atlanta” led by comedian, actor, and singer/rapper Donald


Why Non-Black People Can’t Be “Soul Singers”

Now, more than ever, we see all over social media and all throughout the entertainment industry a rising trend of non-black “soul singers” or singers that people consider “soulful” From industry veterans like Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Justin Timberlake, to new rising stars like Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, non-black people who can sing like black people are all the rage. This movement has transferred more overseas than anything because its seems like

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Stop Pretending That You Were Born Woke

Being socially aware on social media has become a staple for the younger generations of today. With social justice becoming trendy it seems like every day there is a new reason for “calling someone out”, and for the most part I actually do not have a problem with this. Some people just need to be told what is what. What I do have a problem with is the aspect of call out culture that doesn’t


Black Down Low Men: Why So Many Of Them Are In The Closet

The first thing that comes to black peoples minds when a famous black man gets “outed” or comes out of the closet himself is “Why did he wait this long to say something?” You would think the reason why would be pretty obvious, but the community will genuinely get offended when a famous black man comes out. Women who are attracted to the celeb who comes out, voice their  annoyance because now their chances of being

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No, You Are Not An “Honorary Black”

2016 has been the year of R&B pop music dominating social media, the music industry, and the radio. With singers like Selena Gomez releasing the R&B pop infused “Revival” and its singles Good For You, and Same Old Love that dominated radio, Justin Timberlake (who is the originator of diving deep into black culture for profit) releasing a new single, Justin Biebers “Purpose” album and all of its singles dominating the charts, Ariana Grande with


Black People, Don’t Be A “Black Friend”

One of the most complicated things about being a black person with non black friends or a non black significant other will always be the shroud of anti blackness that underlies the relationships. There are those moments where we just don’t know what to do when we have anti black friends or an anti black significant other. You ask yourself “Do I want to call them racist? Do I want to call them out for


East Asians, Chill With The Black Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation has been a topic social media has been tackling hard lately. I myself have always spoken upon it, and my disdain for the fact that we disregard calling out black cultural appropriation among non black people of color. The issue at hand and the hard truth is this, non black people of color can and do appropriate black culture. Cultural appropriation is not limited to white people, and white people shouldn’t be the

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Using A Filter

Since the beginning of Instagram there has always been one thing the older generation, the fake deep “everything is wrong with our generation” younger people, and the paternalistic men of all ages seem to complain about, filters. I have seen people go on rants on social media and make Youtube videos about how filters are killing society and making it easier for women to lie to everyone and to deceive men into thinking they are


Do’s and Don’t Of Being A Straight Friend

So you’ve officially made it into the “straight friend of a gay/bisexual” boy zone. He doesn’t make you uncomfortable. If you’re a guy you are perfectly secure with your sexuality and being around him causes you no trouble because you know what you like, and if you’re a girl you can relate to him better than anyone else and you love the light he brings into your life. You guys have some of the best

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