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The Flaws of Our Criminal Justice System

They say lady justice is blind, for her blindfold represents objectivity, the ability to allocate justice without the fright of bribe, without the influence of money, wealth, power and identity. But is my justice a reflection of lady justice’s virtues? A while ago I was reading a Maclean’s article which compared Canada’s prisons to residential schools. It truly pointed out some of the more astonishing statistics regarding the unfair treatment of indigenous people on their own land. Even

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Low-Fat Products Contain Hidden Sugar

Obesity has become a global epidemic, bringing with it other health problems such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers, fatty liver etc. Some of the leading causes of obesity are genetics, junk food and food addiction. As a society, we like to believe that preaching “calories in, calories out” and “eat less and exercise more” can solve this health crisis. It has somehow been ingrained into our brains that exercise and weight loss go

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We Need Shorter School Days and Less Homework

High school students spend about 6 to 7 hours at school every day. On top of that, Canadian and American students get about 6 hours of homework every week. We need to lower the number of homework students get because research has found it can have physical, mental and social implications. School hours need to be shorter and we should get less homework because it takes away valuable time for students to engage in creative

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What Are We Actually Celebrating on Canada day?

Canada recently celebrated its 150th birthday with a lot of parties, concerts, and fireworks. Amidst all these festivities we must ask ourselves the question: What are we celebrating when we celebrate “Canada 150”? There are many answers to that question. But there is one answer that makes some squirm in their seats, one we all need to give more thought. When we celebrate Canada 150 we are celebrating colonization. There is a long and cruel


Canadian Mining Companies Are A Nightmare When Operating Abroad

Mining is one of the biggest contributors to the Canadian economy. In 2015, it contributed $56 billion to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Over the last decade (2003-2012), the federal and provincial governments have received over $71 billion in taxes and royalties. Canada is a global leader in the mining industry. It is home to 75% of the world’s mining companies and ranks amongst the top 5 when it comes to the global production of


Canadian Immigrants are Facing Dangerous Unemployment Rates

The immigrants that have come to Canada in the past five to ten years have 1.5 times the unemployment rate as those born in Canada, reveals a Maclean’s article. Many newcomers have to do jobs that they are overqualified for. In fact, as immigrants, my own parent has had the struggle of finding jobs they are suited for. My mom has a master’s degree and my dad has a Ph.D. yet, they are having to

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