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Poland Attempts to Criminalize Discussion of Poland’s Role in the Holocaust

Just hours before the start of International Holocaust remembrance day, Poland’s lower parliament voted on a bill that would make it illegal to discuss Poland’s complacency and the Polish people’s active role in the Holocaust. Mentioning “the Polish nation” as complicit in the crimes of the Holocaust or using the phrase “Polish extermination camp” would be punishable by up to three years imprisonment or a fine. Deputy Justice Minister Patrick Yaki told parliament, “Every day, around the


From Poland to America, How Half-Truths Fan the Flames of Fascism

In celebration of the 99th anniversary of Polish independence from imperial rule in 1918, All-Polish Youth, a far-right organization named after the Academic Union “All-Polish Youth,” a violent anti-semitic group from the 1930s, hosted an “alternative” independence parade. The parade has been an annual gathering of far-right and neo-fascist groups since 2009, but this year’s attendance swelled over 60,000, far larger than the “official” celebration. Posters saying “White Europe,” “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust” and “Clean Blood”


Alt-Right Accuses ADL of Terrorism

In a dictionary-definition display of White Fragility, various Alt-Right and “Alt-Lite” figures spent yesterday clutching their pearls over an Anti-Defamation League article, “From Alt-Right to Alt-Lite: Naming the Hate,” that highlighted some of the Internet’s most unsavory, far-right personalities. Some of these racists didn’t seem to enjoy being called racist and labeled the ADL’s article a “Hit List,” then accused the ADL (an international Jewish organization formed to fight antisemitism that now works to eradicate


Betsy DeVos Consults Men’s Rights Activists on Sexual Assault

Later today, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is set to meet with lobbying and advocacy groups to discuss Title IX and campus sexual assault. The first 90 minutes of the meeting are dedicated to survivors and Title IX advocates and the last 90 involve university legal teams, but the middle segment hands the mic over to those who aim to speak for the “wrongly accused.” So who are these organizations who claim to represent the

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