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The High Expectation Of A Reply Is Unhealthy

As the years have progressed, we have become more and more reliant on technology, particularly in conversation with texting and other alternative platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik and a myriad of others. With the eclecticism of messaging apps, we have numerous ways of connecting with friends and family and can communicate with each other often at a rapid pace. Although this is amazingly convenient, sometimes we rely on others to get back to

Real Life

5 Tips For Overcoming Homesickness In College

As September rolls on into October, many students have either started or come back for their studies and for some, adjusting to a new environment isn’t a major issue. Still, others struggle to become accustomed to their surroundings which impacts education and wellbeing as a whole, leaving students feeling very isolated and distressed. Homesickness is particularly associated with children when they’re on a trip away and are wanting their parents yet it can happen with

Mental Health

Using Social Media to Document Your Feelings Is OK

As a whole, most millennials are more than likely to enjoy chronicling the good moments in life such as holidays, achievements and times with friends. We record these memories through a variety of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram then in turn, relatives, friends and the rest of the world can react and show support. But like all things, behind the profile, life isn’t potentially always as glamorous as projected on screen. For me personally,

Real Life

To My Fellow Males: Stop Harassing Women

As I write this, I speak from the perspective of a male who’s friends have experienced sexual harassment and is quite frankly sick of other men deeming this behaviour as acceptable, I intend in no way to put myself in women’s shoes and act like I know how it feels as I have never experienced it and of course, I am not a woman. Time and time again, catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment are still prevalent


Discovering My Asexuality Opened My Eyes

For some years, I have been somewhat confused about my stance on sexuality given that there was such a necessity for me to explain which gender I was most attracted to from school peers due to my display of stereotypical homosexual behaviour. The whole buzz of it all was entirely unnecessary and pretty much made me jump the gun on what my sexuality was after constant social pressure. When I was 16, I came out

Real Life

What Caused Me to “Ghost” My Best Friend

Last year, I became very close with a friend at college. We hadn’t known each other for very long but we developed a close bond very quickly given that we would spend pretty much every class together and hang out afterwards. We experienced a lot together, opening up to each other when we were at our lows and always offering a helping hand towards one another whilst having a laugh at the same time. Though

Mental Health

Anhedonia: The Silent Symptom Of Mental Disorders

One of the main factors of depression and mental disorders like schizophrenia is that the sufferer has a decreased ability in finding pleasure from anything, whether that be physical activity, social situations or general hobbies. When I go through depressive episodes, I can never exactly pinpoint what it may be, or whether there was a particular name for this feeling, until my friend mentioned the term anhedonia. Anhedonia, which is Greek for ‘without pleasure’, refers to

Real Life

The Underlying Sexism of London’s Nightclub Scene

A few weeks back, my friend had asked me to tag along with her and some friends to a club in London equipped with guest list entry, free drinks and a section all to ourselves to which I thought that this should be fun and stress free. Big mistake. The night ended up being a bit of a disaster – we had a good time but ended up not getting into a club purely due to the fact


We Need to Give Celebrities Space

One major compromise of becoming a celebrity is the constant exposure; the inevitable following of fans and the least favourable, paparazzi. Although the first moment when a celebrity is gaining so much attention is initially quite exciting and they hope to maintain that amount of publicity, the novelty begins to wear off and there has to come a time for megastars to be able to have privacy and an enjoyable life without having to be


Why Zara Larsson Is an Important Popstar

19 year-old Swedish songstress Zara Larsson has achieved tremendous success which will only continue to grow globally and rightfully so. Her records have achieved international acclaim and she has garnered a mass following of fans and also celebrities including Katy Perry and even supporting her idol Beyoncé on her London leg of the Formation tour. But what is it that makes Zara such an important pop star in our generation ? Here are a few reasons:

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