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Lets Diminish Light Pollution Together

Light Pollution, which is also sometimes referred to as photopollution, is excessive, conspicuous, misdirected fabricated light; created as the largest side effect of urbanisation/industrialisation. The sources that this monstrosity is made up of include building exterior and interior lighting, commercial properties, offices, street lights, factories, advertising and illuminated sporting venues among others. If I was to define light pollution I would say that it’s the addition of artificial light and carbon dioxide by mankind, causing


The Difference Between Racism, Reverse Racism, and Prejudice

Before I begin this I’d like to just put it out there that — News Flash–reverse racism is. . .  not real. What is often described as reverse racism by many believers of this phenomenon is actually just prejudice. Of course prejudice itself is no better, however, they definitely are not the same thing. You simply cannot be racist towards a Caucasian person as they have never been oppressed. Racism is literally prejudice that comes from

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