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Obama: Denying Americans The Right To Know

President Barack Obama, while being one of the most historical presidents in United States history, has signed a very appalling bill. Following the Democratic National Convention, therefore being overshadowed in the controversy, President Obama signed the DARK bill. The acronym correctly states what it does, leaves what we have the right to know in the dark, instead of bringing it into the light. The bill fundamentally denies certain Americans the right to know what is

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What Happens in The Olympics… Should Happen In The World

So many countries coming together in one place. So many different cultures, religions, races, and languages all mixed together in one building. So many differences, yet they were all put aside in the presence of one another. So many people representing their country and being proud of them, despite the current struggles that some of them may be facing at that very moment. So much joy, peace, pride, unity, and excitement. Watching the Opening Ceremony

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Do All Lives Really Matter?

One of the biggest debates in the media and on social media websites is whether or not it’s okay for people to say, ‘Black Lives Matter’, or should everyone instead say, ‘All Lives Matter’? Those who have a hard time deciphering why the Black Lives Matter movement is in existence are either a part of the problem or just ignorant on what the movement is actually about. The movement is not meant to exclude any

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