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The Real Reason Why There’s War In Syria

The news is a vital aspect of the media, it informs us of what is going on in the world politically, socially and economically. Or so we think! Most people refuse to question mainstream news, the same way most people assume that their government is always acting in the best interests of “the people”.  Anyone who thinks otherwise and dares to challenge them is often labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘delusional’. Despite the fact that the media


The Anti-Capitalist Movement We Should All Know About

Capitalism is a system which dominates our lives whether we want it to or not. Our lives revolve around money. Many philosophers and social scientists have been critical of capitalism in the past. Even the likes of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Albert Einstein were all anti-capitalist. Activists such as Malcolm X, Angela Davis, and Bell Hooks all argued that it is capitalism which perpetuates classism and thus racism and sexism. According to them, the only


We Need to Stop Having Double Standards When it Comes to Politicians

Donald Trump is a politician who gets plenty of criticism, and rightfully so. After all, he has made plenty of bigoted comments and has already enacted some very controversial laws, such as his reinstatement of the ‘Global gag rule’  and most recently the ‘travel ban’  which restricts nationals of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Somalia and Sudan from entering the US for 90 days. The worst part is that he’s only been president for just over a month. Unfortunately, this is only


Five Ground-breaking Feminist Writers You Should Know About

Let’s be honest. The mass media doesn’t pay a great amount of attention to feminism, but some notable feminists who have gotten their fair share of publicity include Malala Yousafzai and Emma Watson (despite her mistakes in the past). However, it seems to me that some of the most iconic founders of intersectional feminism fail to receive the recognition they deserve. Intersectional feminism can be traced back to the third wave feminist movement, a rendition of feminism which began in response

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