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Is the Royal Family Ready to Embrace Diversity?

At a recent Christmas luncheon with Meghan Markle, Princess Michael of Kent sent a message through her choice of offensive and racist jewelry when she wore a blackamoor brooch. Blackamoor is a style of artwork that depicts men and women with dark, black skin as slaves. Dating back to the Early Modern period of art in Europe, the image of the “black moor” often exoticized individuals of African descent. This art form gave white Europeans

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: College Edition

Being in college is supposed to be difficult, but many of us don’t realize this when we arrive on campus. I attend a liberal arts college in New England and am surrounded by individuals who excel in their academics, their sports, their performances, their writing…essentially in every possible area. The first couple days of school I found myself questioning whether or not the admissions office had made a mistake- that somehow I slipped through the


Why Being a Self-Proclaimed White Ally Isn’t Enough

It has become evident that being a self-proclaimed white ally isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to make a change in a world that is anything but post-racial. As a white woman, I feel a responsibility to be more than just a “white ally.” But how? What more is there to do? Posting links to articles on Facebook isn’t enough to consider yourself an ally in solidarity with those who undergo discrimination based on their race, gender,


Trumpcare Is a Proposal Without Compassion

With any piece of legislation, it can be expected that there will be disagreement across the aisle. Trumpcare, however, is a plan feared by both Democrats and Republicans. The House of Representative’s bill known as “The American Health Care Act”, or as many like to put it “Trumpcare”, will cut Medicaid, a health care program that supports 69 million people. The proposed legislation has been widely criticized by many Governors and Senators within the Republican Party. A


The Current State of our Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is a complicated, controlled and chaotic entity that has been questioned for decades. With so many moving pieces and different interests, reforming the system poses a large challenge for prosecutors, defense and victims of the system. It is no secret that the United States holds 25% of the world’s incarcerated population but only makes up 5% of the total global population; these statistics are continuously reiterated, yet what change has come

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Advice to Those Entering the College Process

Before I begin, I must state the inherent privileges that I have had in my process of applying to college. I go to a private school in New York where I have access to an incredible team of college counselors. I had the means to receive tutoring for standardized testing. And I was surrounded by people pushing me to do my best and supporting me every step of the way. While I realize that these


Mayor De Blasio Promises to Close Rikers Island

On March 31, 2017, Mayor Bill De Blasio promised to close down Rikers Island. In a press conference at City Hall, according to the NY Daily News, the mayor said, “It will take many years. It will take many tough decisions along the way, but it will happen.” In an effort to close down Rikers, Mayor De Blasio said that he would open smaller scattered jails around New York City. Rikers Island is a microcosm for


The Black Female Voice

The title, “All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, But Some of Us are Brave: Black Women’s Studies” encompasses much of the history of black women in America. The title is that of a collection that “provides a wealth of materials needed to develop course units on black women, from political theory to literary essays on major writers to work on black women’s contributions to the blues.” In current discussions of feminism and


No Human Being is “Illegal”

It is evident that the words we choose to describe people influence the ways in which people respond or view an issue. By labeling someone an “illegal immigrant,” you are calling the person “illegal.” However, a human being cannot be illegal. His or her actions can be deemed illegal. This distinction while small is incredibly important. Trump’s campaign, administration, and now presidency have legitimized generalizations about immigrants coming to America. And rather than facilitating the path to citizenship and


How I Celebrated MLK Weekend

Every Martin Luther King Jr. weekend prior to this one, I’d go skiing with my friend or sit at home and enjoy my day off from school. This year I did something different; I visited the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia. White and Colored. Those are the first two words you see walking into the exhibit. These two impactful words were written in script in neon lights. Behind the “White” light were

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