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A Liberal Patriot’s Fourth of July Reflections

The Fourth of July is upon us, and emotions are running high towards the land of the free and home of the brave.  From the most monumental (such as the Senate GOP health care bill) to the most petty (President Donald Trump’s latest offensive Twitter antics), there is plenty of news to create American frustration, anger, and even embarrassment towards our “great” country. For social liberals like myself, this holiday is often an annual teeth-gritting


George W. Bush: Why Americans Can’t Afford to Forgive and Forget

If you’ve been following the news recently, you may have noticed an old name popping up much more than usual. George W. Bush has recently made appearances on both “The Ellen Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, has given interviews to several news agencies and has received praise from prominent Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi. Bush has publicly spoken about his new book and also given his input on Donald Trump’s new policies in several of

Mental Health

Avoiding Society’s Misconception on Addiction

In the past several years, researchers have performed studies that compare DNA samples within families. The goal has been to find common patterns that can pass down susceptibility to addiction. What they have found is that certain alleles and receptor genes are associated with addiction to specific substances. Therefore, depending on whether or not one’s genetic makeup includes that allele/receptor gene, that person could inherit a predisposition to certain substance addiction. This is an important concept. Much


Our Constitutional Rights Are Casualties In Trump’s War On The Media

“I have a running war with the media. They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth, right?” Trump’s war on mainstream media is no secret. His disdain for the establishment media can be seen in the angry tweets, the verbal attacks on journalists, the handpicking of which media outlets can attend a news briefing, the declaration of “alternative facts” and “fake news.” and the blatant denial of confirmed statistics. This war with the media that the Trump administration is fighting has

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