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Explaining the Divisions Between Liberals and Realists Concerning Conflict

Realism is the belief that states are the most important and authoritative actors in global politics, and their primary goal is to protect their own interests. Liberals believe that the states interests in global politics are linked and interdependent, and best advanced through states working closely with each other to achieve a common goal. Realists are skeptical about interdependence because of their pessimistic view of human nature; everyone acts in their own self-interest. In the


Why You Should Care About The Environment

Environmental issues are some of the most pressing concerns of today, however discussion surrounding the problem is surprisingly scarce. This is because many people don’t understand why they should care about the planet, seeing as in their lives nothing is different. To counter this, this article will highlight 4 reasons as to why you should care about our environment. 1. Because it’s exactly that: OUR environment. Just because you personally may not be experiencing the devastating


My Opinions Are Not Radical

Radicalism is believing or expressing the belief that there should be great or extreme social or political change. Recently, the word has been interpreted with negative connotations and confusion with extremism, which is the fact of someone having beliefs that most people think are unreasonable and unacceptable. Radical ideas in politics have become associated with the work of the left and their “unrealistic” goals, and recently in my school, people have the same view about


Opinion: We Should Stop Focusing on Economic Growth

I have previously explored why a prioritisation of GDP is contributing to the financial crisis. The article can be found here. Most of today’s government’s, including the UK, focus on economic growth when reviewing the development of their country. Economic growth can be defined as an increase in the real GDP and is one of the macroeconomic objectives in the UK, alongside others such as high employment and low inflation. These objectives make up the


Opinion: Eating Meat Is Not Natural

Part 1 of this series can be found here. For most of history, humans have had vegetarian or near-vegetarian diets as the prominent Swedish scientist Karl von Linne states, “Man’s structure, external and internal, compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables constitute his natural food.” There has been research and experiments done to come to this conclusion, which will be explored in part 2 of this series, as part


The Argument for the White Poppy

With Nov. 11 being Remembrance Day here in the U.K., there have been several movements to replace the historic red poppy with a white alternative. The red poppy has been worn since 1921 as a sign of remembrance for all military personnel who lost their lives in the war. All proceeds from buying the artificial poppies or donations to the appeal go to The Royal British Legion, a charity which provides financial, social and emotional


GDP Is Contributing to the Environmental Crisis

It was announced that carbon dioxide levels in 2016 reached record-high levels and while the environmental crisis may not seem to be related to GDP, it is as well as many other global issues. GDP, the value of all goods and services of a country, stands for Gross Domestic Product, and is used by economists to measure a country’s economic growth. Countries are therefore judged heavily based on their output of goods and services and

Real Life

How Amnesty International Society at My School Are Making a Difference

A few years ago a group of students at my school decided something was missing and that was an Amnesty International society at our school. They took up the responsibility of performing powerful campaigns, raising vital funds and representing Amnesty within our school community. Now, only a few years on, Amnesty is the biggest youth group at my school, with charity days being dedicated to raise both money and awareness and membership numbers growing every year.

Real Life

What Do You Think of John Lewis’ New Gender Neutral Children’s Range?

Recent years have seen a massive spotlight on the complexities of gender, with more transgender people choosing to identify as their chosen sex and somewhat more acceptance in the global community, mostly in first world countries. A mark of that is John Lewis’ new gender neutral clothing range for children, which the brand are introducing as they express they will “not enforce stereotypes”. This change is seemingly radical as John Lewis is the first major


The Fight Isn’t Over: Feminism Is Still Needed (Part 2)

Part 1 of these series can be found here. I’ll start by approaching feminist issues in third world countries. At least 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into the sex trafficking industry, with 98% of victims being female. We cannot ignore that the whole industry has to be taken down, but the ratio between the genders shows that, across the globe, women are more vulnerable to be sold into illegal business trades

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