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Minooka High School Students Combat Systemic Racism

Located in Minooka, IL, a small town with a population of 11,194 inhabitants, resides the Central Campus (that of which holds juniors and seniors) of Minooka Community High School, the institution I am now, as of May of 2017, an alumni to. While it should be noted, residing in the school are many educators who make an effort to ensure their own curriculum includes fostering an environment of equality within the classroom; it is easily


An Interview With Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro, A Sex Worker, On The World of Sex Work and Society’s Obsession With Objectification

Sex Work, in our society, is not just submerged but drowned in stigma. Phrases such as “Do they even respect themselves?” “They must not care about their body” and “It’s not even a real job anyway” birth normalized stigma towards those within the industry, that frequently leads to the removal of sex workers’ basic human rights of health and housing, and legal protection in instances of rape and abuse. Women and feminine individuals face much of the


Want to Help Push for Equality, but Feel Helpless? Check out These Resources

When you become cognizant of the massive structures of intersectional socioeconomic oppression within our world, it can be daunting, and make you feel as though your actions and your voice are somehow small compared to such immense issues. There much validity in feeling this way, because structures of such hatred are terrifying, and they are huge, but their massiveness in no way lessens the power of your fire for equality. Anything born of love (aka activism ) is


Quick Self Care Tips for LGBTQ+ For These Next Four Years

Fear is a word that does not do justice to describe the flood of suffocating negative energy crackling within the community resulting of the new President-elect, and the behaviors his ignorance and irresponsibility has come to inspire and normalize. Within a world of Alt-Right and internet-troll Youtuber romanticism, casual homophobia and transphobia, and lack of representation, the feelings of erasure, invalidation of emotions, and in some cases, giving up on a better world (as we


Dear Alt-Right and Internet Trolls, There Are More Than Two Genders

You can almost hear the swell of frailly constructed ego through the computer screen as thousands type with satisfaction phrases along the lines of “Stop trying to be a Special Snowflake” and exploit transgender struggle and oppression for laughs from their Reddit friends with copy and pasted ‘jokes’ such as “I identify as an airplane, ARE YOU ASSUMING MY GENDER?!” Enforcing the notion that the gender exists in a binary system, and in turn, is


Your Feminist Icons Might Be First World Feminists

Your favorite intersectional feminist might very likely be profiting off of the same oppression they claim to abhor. “SLAY QUEEN, SLAY!”, we comment on our icon’s posts, with them rocking a new outfit from a fashion label they adore, maybe posting a cute selfie with their new favorite food, or even creating a body-posi post. This love, and supporting this new era of the flooding of media with diverse feminist voices is vitally important for

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