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The History of Pride and Why We Don’t Need ‘Straight Pride’

A recent attempt (which may actually come to fruition) by three men in Boston to start a ‘straight pride’ parade has sparked vitriol and debate all across the internet. After all, why should straight people not be allowed to express pride in their identities in the same way that LGBTQIAP+ individuals do? Well, for starters, straight people have never been oppressed. There is no country in the world where heterosexuals are under threat or where


Stop Discriminating Against Aro/Ace and Demi People

In a world so obsessed with the ideas of love and sex, it seems almost impossible that there might be people among us who don’t experience sexual and/or romantic attraction the way most of us do, or who do not experience these things at all. Aromantics are people who feel little to no romantic attraction. Asexuals are people who feel little to no sexual attraction. Grey ace/aro people are those who feel only a limited


Why Modi’s Return to Power in India could Spell Further Misery for Queer Citizens

On the 23rd of May 2019, Narendra Modi’s BJP led NDA government returned to power. This has grave implications for the LGBTQ+ community in India. With its divisive policies and support base composed primarily of the orthodox Hindus, its consideration of queer people within India has been greatly lacking. When we talk about queer people in India, the conversation remains incomplete without discussing the decriminalisation of section 377– a part of the Indian penal code


On The Reclamation Of Slurs

A slur, in its verb form, is most commonly defined as a word used to harm someone’s reputation by criticising them. This isn’t exactly true when we speak of slurs like the n word, f***ot or tr***ny, but it’s close enough that we still understand that a slur is clearly a bad word. It is used in a willful and purposeful verbal act that is used to damage someone, usually in terms of their reputation,


The History of The Word ‘Queer’

The word ‘queer’ has a long and somewhat disreputable history. It was originally used by John Douglas — the then Marquess of Queensbury — in 1894 in a smear campaign against Oscar Wilde after he’d caught his son having an affair with Wilde. The word ‘queer,’ then simply connoting something weird and bizarre, was used by him to discredit Wilde. And so the use of the word ‘queer’ as a slur against, well, queer people


The Importance of Intersectionality

The phrase ‘intersectional feminism’ seems to be everywhere these days. You see it in the news and on posts by activist accounts on social media and even in the Instagram bios of distant acquaintances. But why is this phrase gaining in popularity? What is it and what is it about this idea that draws so many people to it? The term ‘intersectionality’ was coined by feminist scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. It represents an analytic


Governance In The Age Of Social Media

Social media, by the popular press, is always seen as a harbinger for chaos, a ‘media source’ that blurs the line between opinion piece and fact that spreads rumors faster than light and allows fantasy to take flight on butterfly wings that allow little room for facts. But is that really all it is? And how is governance tied into a platform used by adolescents to share pictures that no one really cares about to

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