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#WeWilmReBuild: When Young People Take The Community In Their Hands

Wilmington. A roaring tourist city during the summer months and a quiet little beach town during its off months. Though unknown to a lot of people, it holds a special place for many Carolinians. Especially those who live there and the ones who studied there. The quiet town also houses the University of North Carolina Wilmington. A smaller but well-populated university by the coast. Many of its attendees are locals, either of the area of

Real Life

This is How My First Semester at a Predominately White Institution Went

In August, I started my first semester at the university. Like many freshmen, I was nervous and didn’t know if I would make friends or be happy at the place that I chose. As a female attending a university especially in the male-dominated major of film, I already find myself intimidated of what is to come. Being an African-American female at a predominately white institution (PWI) puts you in a different category. When it was decided earlier

Real Life

YouTube Parents Exploit Children’s Feelings For Views

The trend of family YouTube channels continue to rise as more parents become aware of the digital world and millennials begin to create families. Channels such as Shaytards and Eh Bee Family generating millions of views as they watched these families do funny skits and showcase their daily lives. This past week, a family channel on the rise, DaddyofFive, released one of their typical prank videos titled Invisible Ink Prank! EPIC FREAKOUT. The video begins

Mental Health

PSA: ’13 Reasons Why’ Comes With Major Triggers

Trigger warnings for this article: rape, suicide, abuse. This article also contains spoilers for the series.  The highly anticipated Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, finally debuted Friday, March 31. The series follows the aftermath of the suicide of a local high school student, Hannah Baker. Her classmate Clay Jenkins receives a set of tapes a few days after. The tapes, recorded by Hannah, describe the 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself. Each reason

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Disney Channel’s Andi Mack To Cover Teenage Pregnancy for the First Time

*Spoilers Ahead* Disney Channel’s new show, Andi Mack, centers around 13-year-old Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) who finds out a life-changing secret from her older sister, Rebecca “Bex” (Lilan Bowden).  The pilot centers Andi’s 13th birthday in which Bex returns home after traveling the world to settle down. Ignoring her mother, Bex decides that it’s time to tell Andi the truth. She reveals that she’s not Andi’s sister…but instead her mother and that their parents are actually


Feel Good YouTube Channels For When You Are Feeling Down

  YouTube has always been considered a safe space for me. When I went through hard times in my life, I would always turn to the platform full of different personalities and ideas to escape from all my real world problems and just have a chance to laugh or sing along. With the way the world is now, I think everyone needs to have that chance. So here’s a list of YouTubers I recommend when


Why I Want To See More Me On TV

Iris West, one of the protagonists of the TV show The Flash, is a strong, independent black woman.  I’ve been inspired by her — something that doesn’t usually happen to me as a young, black woman, being used to seeing black females as their typical stereotypes. But seeing characters I can fully relate to, like Iris West, gives me hope that there will be even more like her in the future. I’m a quirky, introverted

Real Life

Youtube Star Eva Gutwoski Bravely Reveals Story of Sexual Assault

These days, we see more and more YouTube stars coming out with their own printed versions of their life story and adventures. With these stories come massive book trailers that contain a collection of vlogs to a narrative of personal stories. But in Eva Gutowski’s case (mylifeaseva), she touches on a very sensitive story. In her most recent video, she narrates the aftermath of her sexual assault at 16 years old. The video, which doesn’t dive

Real Life

You Got Deferred From College — Now What?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you most likely got the decision deferred on your college decision letter. You probably have no idea what to do or say to your peers and family who want to know if you got into your top choice. You aren’t alone as I am in the same position as you. Deferment is a term only know by early action/decision applicants. This process allows colleges to put your name back


Here’s All the Frightening Shiz Trump Has Done in His First Week

It has been officially one week of Trump’s presidency, and he’s already becoming the nightmare we believed for him to be. But in order for us to survive a Trump presidency, we must pay attention and fight what his administration does. So here is an overview of everything Trump and his nazi arm– I mean administration has done to bring the doomsday clock down 30 seconds. We must stay informed so here are six terrifying things Trump’s

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