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Humanities and the Arts Are Important — Especially In These Times

We are living in uncertain and ever-changing times. A place where there is a growth in nationalism, a spike in hate crimes, revelations exposing predators and sexual assaults pursued by the powerful. It has almost come to the point where one looks at a headline and is unsurprised if it is displeasing, and scary. There seems to be a tension that is constant. There has been an extreme rise of misunderstanding between people who have


Library Closures In Northamptonshire Will Have A Terrible Effect On The Community

Voices For The Library reported that over 10% of U.K. public libraries are under threat. Northamptonshire in England is currently experiencing this threat of the libraries being shut down. The Banbury Guardian reported that the closures are part of the package made to save £9.6m in Northamptonshire. According to the BBC, the council began their first week of meetings out of twelve to commence consultation about the plans. So far, under plans, twenty one libraries could become community managed


People Are Donating Their New Jane Austen Ten-Pound Note To Women’s Charities

As from the 14th of September, the new ten pound note featuring Jane Austen (the renowned novelist, known for Pride and Prejudice, etc.) has been released. The Telegraph reported that Austen is the first woman (apart from the Queen) to be featured on an English bank note after the replacement of Elizabeth Fry (a prison reformer) with Winston Churchill on the new five pound note. According to The Guardian  it was campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez who “forced the Bank of England”


Instagram Account ‘Cheer Up Luv’ Documents the Sexual Harassment That Women Endure

According to the Telegraph, three out of four women have been sexually harrassed in cities across the world. A poll by This Girl Can Run Community illustrated that one-third of women receive sexual harassment while out running. A new set of research by the TUC demonstrates that out of the 1,500 women surveyed, one-third of the women have been subjected to unwanted touches and crude comments within their workplace. Copious amounts of headlines, abundant reports and conversations


Scotland’s Approach To Penniless Periods By Supplying Free Sanitary Products Is Progress

According to the Huffington Post , Scotland has responded to a ‘period poverty’ by providing free sanitary products to women with low incomes. There will be a six month scheme that will provide free sanitary products for low income households in Aberdeen. MoneySavingExpert recorded that eligible women are issued ‘S-Cards’ to display to at their pharmacies for free products. It was only recently that it as been recorded by the The Independent  that girls from low income backgrounds are

Real Life

4 Natural Wellbeing Tips For Stress Management

It is incredibly important to take care of yourself. We often forget about this, as busy humans. That is until, one day, deadline dates seem to draw in closer and walls seem to close in a lot more faster. As many of us experience stress, it can become easier for us to simply dismiss signs of it. It can appear as though many of us live in a culture that upholds productivity to the extent that

Real Life

3 Reasons Why It Is Good For You To Spend Time Alone

According to The Atlantic, Matthew Bowker (psychoanalytic political theorist who has researched solitude) has deemed the relationship that one has with themselves to be “the most important relationship anybody has.” Bowker claimed that in this “hyper-connected society” solitude is inherently “devalued”. Being alone is often associated with loneliness. However, this is not always the case. Being alone can provide many benefits for our health. Unfortunately, being alone (particularly in public) holds a stigma: “You’re going


Joan Didion Is Back With ‘South And West: From A Notebook’

Joan Didion is a reporter, an author, a journalist and writer. Didion is known for her pieces such as ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’ (1968) and ‘The Year of Magical Thinking‘ (2005) and admired for her cool demeanor and eloquent writing style which can be captured in her past pieces that still resonate today. An example of this is a piece of 1968, according to Brain Pickings. Didion wrote about a “time warp” and how some people in the fifties


Tips On Overcoming The Hatred For Your Body Hair As A Young Woman

“Why are you so hairy?”  was a question from a pubescent male teen that I received at the age of thirteen while I was sat in class. It was enough to evoke me to shave every inch of my body until I was bare once I got home as the question repeated in my mind each time I glanced down at my arms. This boy’s comment resonated for years; it wasn’t only until recently, now

Mental Health

‘Bibliotherapy’: How Reading Literature Can Help You Cope With Mental Illness

“…There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet (Act 2, Scene 2) Throughout the day we read down our timelines and feeds on social media, yet – many of us fail to explore texts to widen our knowledge on the world or help us grow, feel better about ourselves. In our society, it seems as though everything is constant: new news, new updates, new pictures. In this generation

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