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Many People Have Been Going Missing or Being Killed In Toronto’s Gay Village

Since about the 1980’s, the area of Church Street and Wellesley Street East, located in Downtown Toronto, has been home to a mainly LGTB+ community, known as the “Gay Village.” Although Toronto is known for being more tolerant and welcoming than some other cities, the Village still acts as a safe haven for the LGBT+ community; a place where they can be themselves without having to fear persecution or discrimination. But, this community has been on edge


Opinion: Cultural Appropriation Is Mainly a Western Issue

Note: Since I cannot speak for every single culture and group of people in the world, all the points made in this article are based on my experiences as a South Asian living in Canada. In an era where political correctness and social justice are more prevalent than ever in our society, one issue that rarely goes unnoticed by people is cultural appropriation. The most simple definition of cultural appropriation is the act of taking


The Problem With Hollywood Liberals

2017 has been a highly dysfunctional year in terms of politics. Since Donald Trump took office, we have seen an absurd amount of bigoted politicians saying and doing bigoted things as well as a myriad of high profile celebrities poking fun at Trump and his supporters. Some Hollywood elites have openly discussed their dislike for Trump and have decided to stand up against him, while others choose to simply make fun of him. The problem,


Skinny Shaming And Fat Shaming Are Not on the Same Level

Body positivity is extremely important. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their body, no matter what. Over the last few years, the “Body Positive Movement” has become more and more popular. The movement aims to create a society “in which people are liberated from self-hatred, value their beauty and identity, and use their energy and intellect to make positive changes in their own lives and in their communities”. While a lot of


An Interview With Ashlee Marie Preston — The First Transgender Editor-In-Chief of a Major Publication

Although our society has become much more accepting of the LGBT+ community, transgender people today are still seen as burdens. Because of society’s perception of transgender people, they do not have as many opportunities to succeed as they should.  In a time where transgender people are being silenced and having their rights taken away, it is important to stand up for trans rights and acknowledge the hard work that many transgender people put into social

Real Life

To Those Who Have Toxic Mothers on Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day, which means that many people around the world are celebrating the person that has supported and cared for them their whole lives. We often forget the sacrifices that our mothers have made for us, which is why Mother’s Day is so important. What many people seem to forget around this time, however, is that not everyone has a great mother or a mother at all. Around Mother’s Day, we are all

Real Life

“Call Out Culture” is Toxic and Problematic

Over the past few years, many people, especially those of the younger generations, have took it upon themselves to become more educated about social justice issues. Now, there’s is a huge amount of people who speak up against issues like racial inequality, homophobia, misogyny, and more. Being educated on social and world issues has become vital for many young people, with social media being a huge platform. As a result, the online “call out culture”

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The ACLU Has an App to Easily Record and Submit Police Encounters

Police brutality has always been an issue in the United States, especially for black people. Over the last few years, many cases of police brutality have gotten immense amounts of media attention, which resulted in more and more people learning about the corruption in police forces across the country. Many people, now, have taken measures to make sure that murders committed by police officers don’t go unnoticed. Since it’s formation in 1920, The American Civil


Gal Gadot Is a Zionist, But White Feminists Choose To Not Care

“Zionism” is defined as “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.” That development of Israel involves the invasion and occupation of the country of Palestine and the killings of innocent Palestinians. A zionist is someone who supports the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, which includes the war crimes committed by the Israelian military. Gal Gadot is a former soldier for the Israel Defense Forces, and,

Real Life

16-Year-Old Cyntoia Brown Was Unfairly Convicted as an Adult For Self Defense — Help Give Her a Re-Trial

About 13 years ago, an interaction with a 43 year old man changed Cyntoia Brown’s life forever. She was only 16 years old when she shot and killed Johnny Allen; as a result, she is currently serving life in the Tennessee Prison for Women. Although, homicide is a heinous crime that should not go unpunished, there are many factors to Brown’s case that were, seemingly, not taken into consideration during her trial back in 2004.

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