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Real Life

The Politics of High School Halloweens

If your high school is anything like mine, Halloween is a really big deal. Preparation starts the first day of the month and doesn’t stop until the morning of when we shrug on our costumes and go off to school. For most people, the hardest part (besides picking the costume, of course) is figuring out who you’re going with. For me, this part was probably one of the easiest parts. I’ve had the same three best

Real Life

It’s Okay to Say “I Don’t Know”

It was 8 a.m. on a Friday when the question popped up on the smartboard: can Sharia law and democracy coexist? Like every high school student fighting through class, I instantly started to panic. Did I miss Sharia law somewhere in the 14 page reading? I pulled up last night’s article on my laptop and did a quick Command + F for “Sharia law.” There was nothing. Before I could say anything, I was put

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