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Sherry Johnson Is Leading The Fight Against Child Marriage

Trailblazer Sherry Johnson is making waves across Florida in a fight to end child marriage. If anybody knows the dangers of child marriage, it’s Johnson. And although she’s taking on the fight against child marriage, Johnson has endured much more than just that. At the age of 8, she was brutally raped by the bishop of her church. For months, Johnson was assaulted, abused and raped by the bishop and a church deacon. After several months,


After 12 Years, Cecile Richards Is Resigning as President of Planned Parenthood

After what she considers the “best honor of lifetime“, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards is planning to step down. On Friday, Richards released a video via the Planned Parenthood YouTube channel stating her resignation. She recounts on the massive journey that Planned Parenthood has taken over the past few years, as well as championing recent national health success. Although Planned Parenthood has not yet released details on who will fill her place as President, Richards

Real Life

Redefining Addiction: A Solution The Modern Day Opioid Crisis

An unmarked building hides on the the stained cement streets of New York City. 47 year old Robert Perez makes his way into the building, part of his everyday routine at The Vincent Dole Clinic. Here, Perez takes his daily dose of methadone which he, along with other recovering opioid addicts, uses as a long-term way to cope with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Comparably, Joe Thompson, a stay-at-home father, was fighting a similar battle. After being


How New Book “Fire and Fury” is Rocking Donald Trump’s World

Just released today, Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House is already dominating the political scene. With it’s gossipy tone and intriguing inside scoop, Wolff is finally spilling the tea that we’ve all been waiting for. Amidst the chaos of the first few months of the Trump Presidency, Michael Wolff slipped his way into the White House, posing as the perfect fly on the wall. He was a trusted writer, anything but


Our National Parks Are at Risk: Here’s How to Save Them

Under the Trump administration, spending cuts and pure ignorance are putting our national parks in serious jeopardy.  The latest actions by President Trump and his Republican Congress show that United States national monuments are set to drastically shrink or completely disappear in the next coming years. According to Scientific American, parks like the Bears Ears National Monument could be reduced “from its current size of 1.35 million acres down to” a mere 160,000 acres.  Not

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