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Mental Health

10 Ways to Deal With Self Harm Urges

Self harm is something that I dealt with for many years as a teenager and although i’ve been clean for nearly a year now, there are still moments when it seems like urges are going to overcome me. These are some coping mechanisms that i’ve picked up over the years: Draw on yourself with a red pen I usually just scribble horizontal lines on my wrists mimicking the common self harm pattern but you could


A Look At Cole Sprouse’s Problematic Past

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, I  really liked Cole Sprouse but I am also a firm believer in calling out your faves on their bullshit. Recently, it has come out that the seemingly woke Sprouse twin is actually as problematic as they come. He believes in reverse racism and has used MLK to attempt and justify his beliefs. He’s stated, “ One doesn’t need to be in the position of power to


Betsy DeVos Nomination Has Been Approved by Senate Committee

As many of you may know, Betsy DeVos is Trump’s appointment for secretary of education, pending senate approval. Although most of Trump’s cabinet appointments have been unusual and concerning on many levels. Betsy DeVos’s track record threatens the future of  education greatly. Given that she has absolutely no experience in the public education sector is why her position as secretary of education is so strange. The duties of the secretary of education are focused on


Central American Erasure and Its Impact

Photo: Growing up in the US as a child of Central American immigrants definitely has its challenges. The major one has always been being misidentified as Mexican; though, as a child it really didn’t seem that big of a deal. Once I got older though I was able to clearly see that the misidentification usually wasn’t just an innocent mistake but rather ignorance deeply rooted in a culture of Central American erasure. I’ve lived


Asexual Erasure: A Historical and Mass Media Phenomenon

Asexual representation is nearly void in the media. In an episode of the MTV show Faking It, a show centered around a high school predominantly consisting of marginalized groups, there was an asexual character who appeared for about 10 seconds. In that brief time span, they proclaimed “I’m asexual” and that was the end of it. There was no discussion, no further background on the character and the character was never seen again. This representation

Real Life

My New Year’s Resolution: Stop Engaging Bigots

Most young, educated people, myself included, love a good debate. Constructive arguments can be intellectually stimulating and allow us to consider multiple points of view to a topic. The issue is when a friendly debate turns into one party attempting to defend their basic human rights from the “opinions” of the other party. There are many topics that can get very intense such as politics and stances on social issues. It can be really hard

Real Life

Tips for the Freshman 15

Before I started college I had heard about the dreaded “freshman 15,” but honestly didn’t really think it was a real thing. I thought it was just something that was said in order to scare people into eating healthy or working out but the moment my parents came to pick me up for thanksgiving break my first year of college the first thing they said is, “wow I see you haven’t missed a meal.” It


Donald Trump’s Transition Team Releases YouTube Videos

On November 21st, President-Elect Trump’s Transition team released a video on YouTube describing his policy plans for his first hundred days in office. In the video he described in vague detail what executive actions he plans to pass on his first day and issues he will focus on for his first one hundred days. In regards to trade, he plans to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and instead negotiate


Your Safety Pin Isn’t Helping Anyone

Recently, there has been a surge of people claiming that wearing a safety pin is the highest form of activism. For those of you have not heard of this craze, people have been urging to wear a safety pin to show solidarity with minorities and let them know that you are a safe space. This was originally used by the british as a symbol of solidarity with refugees and muslims after Brexit. Theoretically, this is


When They Go Right, We Go Left

As many of you may or may not know, there has been a movement for California to secede from the union for several years. After the events of November 8th, the movement gained increasing support from Californians and residents of surrounding west coast states such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and even Hawaii. The campaign to put CalExit on the ballot in 2019 has been gaining momentum and there have been several petitions going around in

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