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How the Net Neutrality Repeal is an Attack on Modern Social Activism

The internet has been one of the defining technological developments of the twenty first century. Creating a fair and level playing field for anyone to broadcast and spread information and services, the internet has become a vital asset to our free speech and action. The equal accessibility of all public websites — from the New York Times and Netflix down to a random blogger on WordPress — is key to what makes the internet an

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Real Life

The “Berkeley Wall” Is What Youth Protests Should Look Like

On 10:30 a.m., Friday morning, the students of Berkeley High School promptly left their classrooms. Collecting in the schoolyard, and then guided by the members of the student organization Chicano Latino United Voices, they made their way around the circumference of the school, forming a human wall to protest Donald Trump’s wishes to rescind the DACA program. If DACA were to be rescinded, the 800,000 undocumented immigrants who had been brought to the country as


Donald Trump Disbanded the Government Advisory Committee for Climate Change

Photo Credit of By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Donald Trump), via Wikimedia Commons If supporting neo-nazis and the KKK on national television wasn’t enough for the week, The President of the United States is back at it again to remind us of how tone deaf and ignorant he is on almost everything. The Trump administration has now decided to disband the Advisory Committee for Sustained National Climate Assessment by refusing to

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Mental Health

Tips To Deal With Flight Anxiety

Airplanes are one of the most common means of travel. They’re also arguably the safest: with the extensive security and advanced technology on an aircraft, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than be part of an airplane crash. Yet the aura of an airplane hasn’t always been the most amenable to mental health. Just think about it, you’re seated inside what is, for all practical purposes, a tin can, hurtling at obscenely high

Asia, International

Asia’s Biggest Slum, Or A Billion Dollar Industry?

Mumbai, one of the largest metropolitan cities of India, is a quaint little place. For all its concrete pride and beach-facing skyscrapers, the heart of the city still belongs to a strip of land quite humble and bare. Or so it seems. Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia. A sprawling settlement that houses a population nearing one million, all crammed into a .81 square mile, it lies at odds with the rest of  Mumbai’s

Mental Health

Four TED Talks That Will Help You Understand What It’s Like To Have a Mental Illness

Mental illness, for all the awareness and information that the internet can now spread, is still a condition fought in silence. There is only so much you can learn from the facts and statistics presented on paper. Often times, the only thing that one can do to gauge a true understanding is to listen to the stories and real life experiences of people with mental illnesses. So here are four vulnerable, intimate and powerful TED

Real Life

Your “Jokes” About Diabetes Still Aren’t Funny

If there ever was a serious and life-threatening disease that made it to the tail end of thousands of casual jokes, its Diabetes. I see it in Instagram captions, hear it muffled between laughter at the cafeteria table. It’s the “erhh my god this cake is so sweet it’s gonna give me diabetes” every time someone’s dessert arrives. It’s that annoying joke middle schoolers can’t seem to get enough of, the one about Jackie and candy bars


Student-Run Literary Journals That Need Your Attention.

Being a young artist is a daunting ordeal- the constant self-doubt, the spells of creative famine, the loneliness that accompanies engaging deeply with your art. It is, as it often seems, a leap of a cliff. But this cliff may be only as deep and as lonely as you wish it to be. In the recent years, the internet has become the breeding ground of art, and more specifically, young, teenage art. And their voices


It’s 2017: Stop Using “Teenage Girl” As An Insult

The most bitter part of womanhood is the ugly feeling of knowing that we still live in a man’s world. Within their norm, their ideas, their way of thinking, no matter how misguided they may be. Toxic masculinity is pervasive, affecting the highest of presidential policies like birth control, that threatens to take away women’s basic right to govern their own body. But more often than not, we come across a more sublime breed of


Frank Ocean Has A Larger Point, Stop Making It About Taylor Swift

On the eve of the 59th Grammy Awards, Frank Ocean took to tumblr to publish a heated statement. The post was a response to an interview Grammy producers Ken Ehrlich and writer David Wild gave, regarding Ocean’s decision not to attend or take part in the ceremony. And no, it wasn’t because of his “faulty” performance at the 2013 Awards, as the producers had suggested. Instead, Ocean’s statements seemed to echo his previous ones made

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