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Lauren Faulkner

Lauren Faulkner

Donald Trump’s Ambush On Rep. Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar garnered remarkable support in the state election for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in 2016. She was later applauded by the public when joining U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, leaving her in the history books for monumental firsts. Most notably, she became one of the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress. She represented diversity in the political community, which made a push for her appeal. But among this support, Omar has persistently faced

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The Remnants Of The Parkland Shooting Continue To Affect Its Victims

The days following the Parkland Shooting are still vivid memories. I remember talking about it, seeing the videos of the incident on social media and having to ‘prepare’ for a similar situation that could occur. I remember feeling like this ‘what-if’ situation was becoming more of a reality, a burden faced by high school students across the nation and the families that had to deal with the pain left by it. Seventeen people lost their

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