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Facebook’s Recurrent “Locking” of Black Activists’ Pages is Apparently a Global Phenomenon

A few months ago, US based investigative journalism website, ProPublica, leaked internal documents revealing Facebook’s guidelines for dealing with hate speech and abusive language for its moderators in training. These “guidelines” fall nothing short of racist, discriminatory and tone deaf. One example was a multiple-choice question asking the moderators-to-be, “Which group is protected from hate speech?” Among the options were female driver, white men and black children; the correct answer to the question was: white


As Inherent Beneficiaries of Racial Injustice, Can White South Africans Be Considered Poor?

“White South Africans cannot be poor”, I tweeted, and with six little words, I had evoked a white twitter storm in my notifications. Somewhere between the barrage of insults and crimen injuria, I was able to make out that most of them were trying to relay the notion that poverty does not discriminate. I was shocked at their response but not surprised. Not only is it easy for people who have no idea what it


The White Tears Phenomenon Is a Dangerous Product of White Privilege

I’m a hypertensive person, so I’m always careful not to consume food or beverages with high salt content. However, as a Black Woman living in a historically and presently anti-black misogynistic society, there’s one salty thing I am forced to endure — bitter white tears. Why? I learned from a young age that crying over injustices that I face won’t get me anywhere in life — sure, I cry, but the outcome is entirely different


In Defence of Black First Land First: Why I’d Rather Be a Radical Black

I was raised by matriarchs in a household where the politics were just as strong as the women who were tired of being subjects of oppression. My grandmother, being a source of cheap labor for white people throughout her life, helped to ease the burden of finding my own political identity. I knew two things from a very young age: I was not going to work for white people and I was going to be


The Relationship Between Structural Oppression And The Rape Of Black Women In South Africa And All Over The World

Today, we’re not going to ignore the fact that most victims of gender based violence are black women. We’re not going to pretend like white women know what black women are going through. We’re not going to pretend that Amber Rose’ nude photo is an act of feminism, at least not in South Africa. A woman’s voluntary nudity (in public, on social media, at home) in our world,  is a ceasefire, a shield against violence,


Millions Of South Sudanese Women, Men And Children Are Dying, Where Is The Outrage?

South Sudan gained independence just six years ago. South Sudanese people had to start over in July 2011 and build a foundation of their country with the promise of a better quality of life, with the hope to thrive and most importantly, they had liberation. Their struggle for freedom from Sudan seems ominously in vain now. Political conflict particularly within the ruling political party that led the liberation movement, The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, drought,


White Supremacy And The White Genocide Myth Perpetuated By White “Nationalists” In South Africa

Contrary to white popular belief, there is no such thing as white genocide in South Africa. The white genocide myth however is fueled by white supremacists who walk proudly in the footsteps of their ancestors, our oppressors. South Africa’s “democracy” is young. It’s only been 23 years since our first democratic election. We’re far from being a non-racial society. At the heart of this very myth, however, is white people’s disdain for equality. Their disdain


Human Trafficking, Violence And Harassment Are Consequences Of Being A Girl Child In South Africa

Fear is incredible… How it conquers your mind and almost engulfs your soul into some endless pit of darkness. How it changes the rhythm of your heartbeat and subjects you to perpetual numbness. I just explained to you what it’s like to be black and woman and alive in South Africa right now. Karabo Mokoena was a young woman that went missing on the 28th of April, her friends and family launched a social media


Dear Men, Rape Prevention Is Entirely On You – Learn How Not to Rape

Trigger warning for rape. Let’s get the “not all men are rapists” argument out of the way. Of course not! Saying ALL men are rapists would imply that it’s natural instead of common. It is not gender specific and neither has (intersectional) feminism ever claimed that it is. It’s an argument that needs to be laid to rest because you’re missing the point. Every time your ashy mouth utters the words “Not all men”, you


Politics, Race And Justice: A Conversation With Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, South African Activist, Author, Oxford Ph.D. Student and Conscious Rapper

“Oxford University is institutionally racist… There is something deeply wrong with the way Oxford presents itself, with the way it has biases against people and we are raising that.” – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, during the Rhodes Must Fall campaign in 2016. The campaign exposed institutional racism symbolised by statues of Cecil Rhodes (one of the architects of the apartheid system in South Africa) in universities in the UK and South Africa. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh is an author, Oxford Ph.D. student,

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