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The “Patriot Act” Incident: Censorship in a Repressive Regime

Yesterday morning, Netflix removed an episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act from its Saudi Arabian website. The streaming service received a complaint from the kingdom claiming that the episode in question breached the country’s anti-cybercrime law. The episode removed, was the second in the first season and it directly criticized the Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (a.k.a MBS) and his government. In his 27 minutes of airtime, Minhaj explored topics ranging from Khashoggi’s death to America’s strategic relations


The Paul Manafort Trial: How Mueller Is Closer To Trump Than Ever

Last week marked the beginning of the trial against Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates. Don’t know who Paul Manafort is? Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager for the 2016 election and was recently indicted by Robert Mueller for his Russia investigation. Manafort is charged on 12 counts: conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading Foreign Agent Registration Act statements, false statements and seven counts


Everything We Need To Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

The moment many have feared has arrived. President Donald Trump has appointed his supreme court nominee for the replacement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Why is this an issue? After all, President Obama appointed two supreme court judges during his 8 years in office just like Trump is getting the chance to do now. The detail that makes this different, however, is that Kennedy was a swing vote; so while the supreme court was conservative in numbers,


Brexit Secretary Resigns; U.K. Government More Unstable Than Ever

Yesterday, United Kingdom secretary David Davis resigned due to his irreconcilable differences with prime minister Theresa May. Don’t know who David Davis is? All you need to know is that Davis was the secretary overseeing Brexit, otherwise known as the United Kingdom’s official departure from the European Union. Due to his belief that the U.K. was in “a weak negotiating position,” Davis tendered his resignation and claimed that the PM’s approach to the proceedings is making the


Justice Kennedy Retires And Changes The Ball Game

As of June 27, 2018,  Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. While he won’t officially retire until July 31, the impact he has left on the country will be the same. Justice Kennedy has given President Donald J. Trump a second opportunity to mold the supreme court. With Kennedy, the ratio of Republican to Democrat justices has been 5:4; however, he was a swing vote and has been the deciding factor and support for many


How A White Nationalist March On Washington Is Closer To Becoming A Reality

What does the word “Nazi” remind you of? World War 2? White Supremacy? Possibly, the greatest genocide in history? Well, now you can add disgruntled to your list. A group of White supremacists in Charlottesville just got the approval for a “White Civil Rights Rally” for August 11th – the anniversary of their “Unite the Right Rally” last year. Apparently, the group of White Nationalists believes that White people do not have enough rights in America and


Highlighting The President’s Wins: Hesitant Appreciation From A Democrat

You’re going to see the words I would have never pictured myself writing: I am impressed with Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong; there are many issues in our country, and personally, I believe that President Trump lacks the eloquence or the mindset to be the leader of the free world. However, I think the only way to progress as a nation is to give credit where credit is due — and Donald Trump deserves


Why The 2020 Election Should Be Your Focus Now

The 2016 election was revolutionary. After eight years of democratic president, Barack Obama, in the White House, America asked for a change and it got one. Similar to an overcorrection, the people of America voted for the candidate that differed the most from the former administration: Donald Trump. Regardless of my political beliefs, I definitely have to credit president Trump for getting me more involved in politics than I have ever been before. Which is


The Trio Leading Us To World War 3

What’s coming ahead has never been seen before. Except it has. Twice. Last Saturday, some of the allies of World War 2, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States, to be specific, launched joint air strikes on three of Syria’s chemical weapons facilities. In the days following the attack, the classic power struggle between countries had already developed. Russia came forward with their support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and while China is against the

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg: You Can’t Steal Democracy

Mark Zuckerberg apologized before Congress on Tuesday morning for Facebook’s involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And not a hair on his head was harmed. For people unfamiliar with Facebook’s massive data and privacy breach, the social media platform released the profiles of its users to a private third party company called Cambridge Analytica (CA). CA then released a wave of ads based on what they perceived to be an individual’s political preference and essentially shaped

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