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Why I Don’t Like The Word ‘Lesbian’

What’s a label? What is the L word, specifically? No, not the TV show, the actual word. “Lesbian.” It’s a term commonly used as an identifier for gay women, a label many embrace. I, personally, do not like this word. Or, rather, I don’t identify with it, as a gay woman, a “lesbian.” Every time I hear someone say lesbian, I cringe internally and for a long time, I didn’t quite understand why. It felt gross


Millennials are the Queerest Generation (So Far)

Last year, GLAAD published its Accelerating Acceptance 2017 survey, which showed that Millennials (people ages 18-34) are 20% more likely to identify as LGBTQ+ than older generations. This younger generation also appears to identify more outside of traditional binaries, such as gay/straight and male/female. We’re growing up in a time of increasing openness and understanding of LGBTQ issues (as well as other minorities) and this openness is creating a greater sense of safety for young


The Complicated Art of Questioning Your Sexuality

It starts with a flicker. A woosh. A moment where you pause and think, what was that? It might be instigated by a specific person, or moment, or it might feel completely random. But all of a sudden there’s this new feeling, and you’re not sure what it is or what it means. Slowly, you experience more and more of these moments. At first, you notice them but just push them aside, to the back


I Was Trained by Society to Crave Heterosexual Romance

Unlike many queer teens and adults, I didn’t know I was gay until I was seventeen years old. I am currently nineteen. A common experience I hear about from LGBT+ teens and adults is that they first knew they were queer when they were kids, and either came out early on or stayed in the closet until they were older. Knowing one’s queerness from an early age seems like an important part of many folks

Real Life

What It’s Like Being Separated From Your Twin For The First Time

Every year since kindergarten, I started the school year with my twin brother by my side. Even when we didn’t know anyone else because it was a new school, we still had each other. I knew all of his friends, he knew all of mine (and often our friends overlapped) and we knew everything going on in each other’s lives. Last year, I started my first year of college alone. My brother decided to take

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