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#TimesUpNow: What You Can Do To Make It a Movement, Not a Moment

Initially, many were peeved – and with reason – about Hollywood actors and actresses banding together to wear black to what was already a black-tie event, the Golden Globes, to fight against sexual assault in the entertainment industry. Following the empowerment provided to sexual assault survivors by the #MeToo movement, it seemed like a rather lame gesture; however, what initially seemed to be a weak attempt at celebrity activism transformed into an actual movement for

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Dear Me, Get It Together: The Benefits Of Writing Letters To Yourself

Upon entering my first day of senior year, I expected to be bombarded with feelings of nostalgia as I inhaled the smell of teenage angst and linoleum for the last “first” time or at the very least a sense of melancholy reflection at the sight of the hallways teeming with freshmen half my size with backpacks twice as large. However, to my surprise, I didn’t feel any of these emotions; in fact, I didn’t feel

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Getting Involved in Local Politics Is a Great Way To Be a Catalyst For Change

I think it’s safe to say that one takeaway point we all gathered from this last election is that voting is simply not enough; in order to truly create progress, we need to become catalysts for change. One of the most effective ways to do this is to immerse yourself in local politics, as change happens at all levels of the political arena. Though passionate about politics and social activism, one of the most unexpected


Open Defecation In India Is Negatively Impacting Female Education

With our constant (but justified) complaints in the Western world about public bathrooms and the horrors that accompany them, we often take for granted the fact that we are provided with places that we can relieve ourselves in, for the most part, sanitary conditions. Unfortunately, many parts of India cannot afford this luxury, leading to open defecation: a not only unsanitary practice, but also a practice which greatly disadvantages girls. For this reason, many girls


New Healthcare Bill: When Will The False Healthcare Promises End?

Though the Trump administration has been notorious for feeding conflicting narratives and contradictory “alternative facts” to the public, the twisted tales that they have spun out in support of the new healthcare bill take the cake. The main point that Republicans, such as Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, have been using to support the controverted plan relies on the claim that under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) millions of Americans were left uninsured.


The Seeds Of A Revolution: Remembering Stonewall This Pride Month

As we reach the halfway point of Pride Month and continue the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in our country and around the world, it is important to remember the heroes who history has bulldozed over who have helped us reach the point in our struggle for equality that we are at today. The Stonewall riots of the 1960s marked a major milestone in LGBTQ+ community’s fight for equal rights, but unfortunately the minorities who excelled

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DARE To Do Drugs: The Problem With American Drug Initiatives

Growing up in a suburban neighborhood and attending an incredibly small private school of upper-middle class families, my exposure to drugs in my childhood was confined to limited, but resounding, message of “Don’t do drugs. You’ll die.” It was not until middle school when I switched from private to a public school that drugs were actually an issue that plagued the teenage population of America — and not just those who were from low-income families or


The Very Real And Growing Punjabi Drug Epidemic

For the past several decades, there has been an ongoing drug problem in Punjab, India that has been neglected acknowledgment by the Indian government and police force. Until the controversial release of the movie Udta Punjab in 2016 that served to highlight the severe addiction, the youth of Punjab faces, the current epidemic was simply seen and not heard by the country and in turn, the rest of the world. However, the problem is very

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Hijab And Choice: Confessions Of A Non-Hijabi

I am Muslim, and am by no means a perfect one. Regardless of the connotations associated with this, Islam has been an integral component in my upbringing and the person I am today is a result of the Muslim values my family has instilled in me throughout my life and the adversity I have faced due to my religious identity. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my religion that I find comfort


4 Politicians That Will Restore Your Faith In American Politics

With the culture of political distrust and government backlash the United States has been experiencing in recent times, it seems as if all politicians can be branded as corrupt. Although none of these politicians are by any means perfect, these political figures possess a certain level of badass that may make you have slightly more faith in American politics again. Kyrsten Sinema Popularly dubbed as the “woman of firsts,” Congresswoman Sinema is the first openly

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