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Antisemitism in America: Undeniable, Dangerous & On The Rise

America is rapidly becoming a more and more dangerous place for Jews. With recent attacks, rallies, and complacency from the White House, it’s more clear than ever just how extreme the hatred towards Jewish people has become. White and Christian supremacy hate groups function on the belief that Christians and whites are above all others. According to the KKK website, “Non-whites who reside in America should be expected to conduct themselves according to Christian principles


Hogwarts Express Rescues Family Stranded in Scottish Highlands

Jon and Helen Cluett and their four young children were rowing across a remote bothy in Lochaber when they realized their canoe had been swept away by a river. Their boat was moored in a little burn behind the bothy, tied to a wall, and pulled high out of the water before the river snatched it away. “The burn was overflowing. The entire area was underwater. The rocks I’d tied to the boat were pulled


World’s Heaviest Woman Loses Lifelong Battle With Obesity

The “world’s heaviest woman” has died Monday morning. Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, a 37-year-old Egyptian woman weighed 1,102 lbs (500 kg) before undergoing bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital in Mumbai this March. Eman was 11 lbs (5 kg) at birth. She struggled with thyroid problems since childhood, and has been confined to bed since she was twelve, her family said. After suffering a stroke, she lost her ability to move and communicate. Her weight


An Interview with Benjamin Hoppe, a Teen Entrepreneur Changing the World Through Sustainable Business

Benjamin Hoppe, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, environmentalist, and dog lover, dedicates his life to staying true to his passion in order to better the planet. As we see the debate of climate change arising now, more than ever, Hoppe believes that “as a human being, we all have the responsibility to do our part; we have the responsibility to pass down the planet to future generations.” Though climate change and its effects are daunting, Hoppe devotes


Farewell, Affinity: Thank You For Giving Me an Outlet To Use My Voice

Affinity Magazine was created as a platform for teens to follow their journalistic endeavors and find a voice in this complex, ever-changing world. I had the honor of writing for Affinity for over a year, my first article being published April 2016. I have since then been cited by other media platforms, translated to other languages, but, most importantly, I have witnessed firsthand my own words starting conversations. To me, that has been the most


Saying Goodbye to Affinity—What It Has Taught Me As A Content Creator

I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade. I will be the loudest voice. -Kanye West For those close to me, they know how excited I was when I found out I had gotten accepted as a content creator for Affinity. I remember exactly where I was when I first applied and exactly what I was doing when I decided I wanted to apply. I was extremely nervous because I


An Interview With Ashlee Marie Preston — The First Transgender Editor-In-Chief of a Major Publication

Although our society has become much more accepting of the LGBT+ community, transgender people today are still seen as burdens. Because of society’s perception of transgender people, they do not have as many opportunities to succeed as they should.  In a time where transgender people are being silenced and having their rights taken away, it is important to stand up for trans rights and acknowledge the hard work that many transgender people put into social


‘We Are People’ Strives to Unify Through Storytelling

Launched in early 2017, Haley Sulich’s We Are People strives to promote unity, understanding, and cultural competency through the means of storytelling. In the words of Haley Sulich, “Our goal is to collect a variety of stories in order to eliminate the boundaries of society that separate people. This project is a way to show people that everyone is in fact a living, breathing person like everyone else, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexuality, etc.”. As we have


Meet Palestinian-American Wonder Woman: Linda Sarsour

It has been long-overdue for a Palestinian-American to shy away from the shadows and create a voice for themselves, and the speechless. Palestinian-American, Linda Sarsour, is the political-activist behind progressive movements, such as the well known “Women’s March”. Most of the time, it is easy for us to neglect acknowledgment of the people behind-the-scenes, but Linda Sarsour has made quite a name and reputation of herself that should not, and could not, be unnoticed. Palestinians


Five Lessons A Year at Affinity Has Taught Me

About a year ago, I unwittingly sent an article to Affinity Magazine about cultural appropriation. It was an op-ed that I had written for my high school newspaper, and I was extremely proud of it. I got an email that said, “Your submission has been received!” And that was it for a while. Honestly, I kind of forgot I had sent in an article at all. And then, one day I was sitting in my third-period

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