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Why Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge Is The Most Important Role Model

Veronica Lodge is a character in CW’s new critically acclaimed series Riverdale (based off the timeless Archie Comics) who is played by up and coming Brazilian actress Camila Mendes. Although only 4 episodes have been released, Riverdale has already resonated with viewers and Veronica Lodge has instantly become a fan favourite. As soon as the series begins, Veronica is established as this confident yet mysterious new student from New York who’s looking for a fresh start in Riverdale.


NASA’s New Solar System: TRAPPIST-1

Another solar system has been discovered, just 39 light years away from earth. NASA has spotted seven earth-size planets around a small star within the constellation of Aquarius. Some, or even all, of these planets could possibly sustain life. The planets were identified by a process called transit photometry. This method is based on the dimming of a star, which occurs when an orbiting planet passes in front of the star. The amount of light


SpaceX Successfully Launches and Lands Falcon 9 Rocket

SpaceX successfully completed a historic launch from complex 39A, which was famously used during the Apollo era. The Falcon 9 rocket launched the Dragon spacecraft to low-Earth orbit for a critical delivery to the International Space Station for NASA. This is the tenth Commercial Resupply Service mission by SpaceX (CRS-10). SpaceX decided to stand down to take a closer look at the positioning of the second stage engine nozzle on their first targetted day of launch. Elon Musk,


Salem Mitchell Is Changing The Modeling World One Freckle At A Time

Alot can change in a year. In 2015, Salem Mitchell covered our magazine. Merely a year later, she graduated high school,”I went to a performing arts school for 7 years called the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts where I was totally immersed in creative activity. I studied dance for my years there and I wasn’t very good,” she laughs. While in San Diego, Salem was introduced to the people and things in her environment that shaped who she is today. “There were so many types of...


An In-Depth Interview With Social Media Influencer Anna Russett

Photo Credit: Alina Tsvor In the age of social media, sometimes your screen can be somewhat corrupt. Advertisements flood Youtube videos, sponsorships are wack, and original content can rarely be found. Anna Russett, a content creator and social media connoisseur, is challenging the media we know today by giving others a voice through her platforms. I interviewed Russett to learn more about her goals and aspirations, as well as learn more about her plans to

Feature, International

Want To Travel? Damon And Jo Have Some Advice!

We all have dreams, goals, our ‘one day I’ll do this’, or ‘I’ll visit here’ statements. What we fail to realize is one day isn’t a day of the week, and if we don’t put our aspirations first, then we will be left with regret. Our ‘life’ will be one full of, ‘I almost’ or ‘I was going to’, or, worst of all.. ‘I can’t’. We have to stop listening to that doubting voice in

Feature, Real Life

There’s No Such Thing as a Safety School

As of today, I am a second semester senior in high school! By now, most everyone in my grade has submitted all their applications and are now waiting in a purgatory of college confusion. As it gets closer and closer to D-Day (decision day, of course), students are not just anxious about getting into college, but also how their choice to spend the next few years will be viewed by their peers. This is completely ridiculous


An Interview With One of Instagram’s Best Photographers

This week I got the chance to interview one of Instagram’s best photographers, whose photos you might have seen, like this one: It’s Harold England everyone! 1) You’re both a model and a photographer How do you find it keeping up with 2 professions? Well everything started out with modeling when I was first scouted a year or so back, when I was working at the coffee shop Dutch Bros. I have always had a great appreciation


Why Is One Of The Most Sexist Systems Still Running?

The Herald Express, a local newspaper based in Torquay recently released an article talking about a young girl who was kicked out of Scouts due to her, well, being a female. This set off an excessive argument within the comments section amongst locals about whether gender should control what activities we take part in, but it could be that it’s a sexist system altogether. Boy Scouts started in 1908, twenty years before Girl Guiding began,


William Onyeabor, Nigerian Funk Musician, Has Died at 70

William Onyeabor, the revolutionary funk pioneer, has passed away, peacefully in his sleep at 70 years old. Onyeabor died on the 16th of January following a brief illness as explained by Luaka Bop (David Byrne‘s record label company) in their statement regarding his passing. They also described William as an “extraordinary artist, businessman and visionary” who composed and released 9 groundbreaking electro-funk albums from 1977-1985. The funk pioneer, born in 1946, developed and self-released released nine

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