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Sex in Society

I’d like to propose a question: what are the negative consequences for a woman resulting from safe sex with multiple partners?  Let’s examine that. After sex with three men, does my intellect suddenly begin to experience a severe decline? After five partners, do other components of my worth begin to magically disintegrate into thin air? My sense of humor: gone?  My fundamental values such as family and education: abolished? Am I no longer the ambitious


You Ok, Sis?

When someone is publicly harassed on the street, there might be some Good Samaritans willing to step in and defend them. Not everyone is comfortable with confrontation. Even fewer people are comfortable with catcalling. Catcalling is defined by any whistle, sexual comment, or shout usually directed at a woman on the street. The viral video “1 0 Hours of Walking In NYC As A Woman” showcases how common street harassment is. However, most people are unsure


The ‘F’ Word

When you hear someone say the ‘F’ word, you probably roll your eyes and sigh out of annoyance. When you hear the ‘F’ word, you may think to yourself, “Oh great, another hairy man-hating lesbian who probably carries around a penis sniper in her back pocket.” Only, that’s a totally untrue stereotype of feminists and you may not know it, but it has a very bad effect. We don’t hate men, we hate the patriarchy. We


Do Muslim Feminists Exist?

It’s a never-ending topic of discussion, the topic of Muslim women and our struggle for “liberation.” Certain “white feminists” use us as a way to showcase the importance of feminism, while Islamophobes use us to fuel their hatred toward Muslims; neither group stopping to think or consider the feelings of actual Muslim women. If we’re being honest here, neither group truly cares for the safety or wellbeing of Muslim women; it’s all a tactic to


Women in Saudi Arabia

Saudi feminist activist, Lujain Al Hathloul, wreaked havoc earlier this year after challenging the ban on women driving in Saudi, by driving all the way from the UAE into Saudi Arabian boarders. Although, to no avail, she was detained for 73 days, and had her car confiscated. The issue of women’s driving in Saudi Arabia is only the shallow beginning to the deep unjust and ever ignored issues that Saudi women face on a daily


Sexist Halloween Costumes

From sexy nurses to sexy potatoes, women’s halloween costumes are becoming grossly oversexualized, even for children of young ages. While I personally have no problem with the way women choose to dress, something must be said about the costumes made available to them. If you look at costumes available for young boys, they are seemingly accurate depictions of the animal or character they are intended to be. However if you look at costumes marketed towards


Why You Should Read Half the Sky

  “There are over 100 million women in the world missing today,” whether it is through the sex trade, kidnapping and abduction, or just being unaccounted for. Through reading the nonfiction journalist piece, Half the Sky, I really became aware of why feminism is truly needed around the world. Written by two Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky follows the couple around the world and recounts the tragic


Saying Man Up Is Toxic!

Be physically strong. Be emotionally passive. Be sexually accomplished. Be violent. Be callous. Be cocky. The world is yours, you are entitled to anything and everything that you want. You can be anything and everything that you want. Wait, no! That’s not what I meant! You can’t be emotional, you can’t be weak. You can’t be sex-repulsed, you’re a man! Why won’t you throw the first punch? Girls don’t think it’s cute when you’re insecure.


Why Feminism is Still Needed in America

Written by Julia Cancilla  Feminism is regarded as extreme and often has a bad connotation to it. This is something heard many times: “This is America. Feminism isn’t needed today.” First of all, saying that feminism is not needed in America is disregarding the many strong women that fought for women’s rights in the past, such as the right to vote, the right to work and make money, the right to own property, and much


Sexualization of the Female Body

Written by Perry Pokharel You see it literally everywhere…magazines, billboards, TV ads, online stores. The female body has become one of the most highly sought after marketing ploys used by businesses. You would think that with all of this exposure, people would be desensitized to it, but everybody is still profiting from the sexualization of a woman’s body. Growing up as a female, I thought it was normal for girls to be seen as “eye

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