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The Social Media Rise and Impact of Wrath Month

If you didn’t know June was Pride Month for the LGBTQ+, you must have been away from all technology and failed to leave your house. Advertisements from companies selling rainbow clothing and selling multi-colored snacks such as Oreos are posted on billboards stationed in highways, pop up on social media pages, run on TV screens and radio stations, and are printed on magazines and newspapers. Internationally, parades and rallies went off in June to celebrate


Companies Coming Out As Proud This June

June is recognized typically as Pride Month, where LGBTQ+ members are able to share their experiences during parades, marches and other social events. This includes recounting the long history it took for being a member of the community to be acceptable socially and legally and for discussing the hardships and issues that still face LGBTQ+ identifying members today. Recently, retail store H&M has stated that they are going to become involved with the celebration by


Let’s Talk About Cis Het Asexuals And The LGBT Community

With the burgeoning of LGBT activism and acceptance in the 21st century, as well as many MOGAI identities seeping into public awareness, some people may think that the LGBT community is no longer in danger of discrimination or oppression. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although lesbians, bisexuals and gays can now serve in the military, get married and adopt kids, these are all things they couldn’t do until recently.  Even today lesbians, gays,

Pride. Credit: Dmitrij Paskevic
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What Did We Learn From Genderquake?

With the recent showing of the reality television show, Genderquake and the debate that followed, the identity of gender has been headlining across the world. The reality show on Channel 4 saw eleven individuals of different gender identities live together in a house for a week. Although the concept is meant to educate people across the globe about the gender spectrum rather than the concept of two genders, I discovered that even in the LGBTQ+


Attention White Gays: Stop Using Queerness as a Band-Aid

When you use a bandage, you are trying to cover up a wound. The bandage isn’t the healing agent; it conceals the injury until it fades away. Likewise, when white gay people use the fact that they are gay to make up for their shortcomings (such as biases and privileges) as a white individual, they are just putting band-aids on bullet holes rather than getting to the root of the problem. Unfortunately, this problem won’t


Pink Capitalism: Why Companies Need to go Beyond The Rainbow

In recent years the inclusion of rainbows, sayings such as “love is love”, and other pride related content have made their way in many big companies. These inclusions are not rooted in as pure intent as the company makes it out to be, they are a capitalist PR strategy that has a name, Pink Capitalism/pinkwashing. Pink Capitalism is the incorporation of the LGBT+ movement for capitalization and pinkwashing is making products or the image of

Hannah and Jake Graf. Credit: Paul Grace.

Newly-Weds Fight Back With Kindness After Transphobic Headline Slur

Newly-weds Hannah Rose, née Winterbourne, and Jake Graf were met by the transphobic headline ‘Tran and Wife’ from The Sun newspaper following their recent marriage. The controversial front-page headline on March 27 was followed with a stunning article written by Emma Pietras regarding the recent marriage of transgender couple, Hannah, 31, and Jake, 40. The sub-heading on the U.K’s national newspaper also caused outrage, featuring the words ‘Jake who used to be a woman weds


This is For You

Millions of people are only now understanding and appropriately using terminology for people of all sexual and gender orientations. We are all still learning. It’s a wonderful thing to be living in a time where people are trying to understand. It’s a wonderful thing to feel validated. If you understand the basic terms such as gay and transgender, I would like to introduce a few more orientations that people go by but are rarely represented


The Future of Transgender Military Members is Uncertain

President Donald Trump is continuing his attempt to prevent transgender military members from serving. After federal courts thwarted his attempt at a ‘ban’ in July 2016, he’s rescinded his last policy to enact a new one. It will limit future recruits based on criteria that are developed through “extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans.” The criteria were released in a memo from the Pentagon on Friday, March 22. It detailed specifics that disqualify transgender


Transgender Wins that Are Shaping 2018

The most recent win for the transgender community, surprisingly, was an Oscar nomination. The movie “A Fantastic Woman” was granted an Oscar for a foreign language film and keeps the discussion of trans rights the forefront of our attention with transwoman Daniela Vega being the lead and a trans storyline keeping the plot afloat. In addition to that, the first transgender director was also nominated for an Oscar. Yance Ford’s documentary “Strong Island” peers into

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