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My Coming Out: Tyra

Tyra’s story is one of hope and positivity. The support she received from both her family and friends is the kind of reaction many LGBT+ youths hope for but don’t receive, unfortunately. “I recently came out as bisexual to everyone (family and most friends) about a month and a half ago after finding an amazing girl but everyone has been extremely supportive and it’s awesome having that. I first came out to my uncle,


My Coming Out Story-Aly

Pansexual: not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. Aly’s story is beautifully written, and exemplifies the importance of having a support system in place, no matter who or what it is. She, like Caie, launched right into it without any prompting, and I couldn’t have made this sound any better if I tried. “I knew something was wrong the first time I watched the comedy-action movie “Sky High”


My Coming Out Story- Perrie

Transgender: denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender. “So I am a gay trans woman, and I’ve come out to four people: my therapist, my mom and two friends in real life, though I present myself as the woman I am online.” That introduction alone is hopeful: I present myself as the woman I am online. Perrie’s statement removes any ambiguity from


Heteronormativity In Your Every Day life

  You’re driving on the highway. Look up at the billboards. You’re watching your favorite primetime. Pay attention to the commercials. Reading a cheap magazine. The advertisements are on every other page. What do you see? Half-naked girls? Or better yet: half-naked girls on top of fully clothed men? Blatant gender roles? Yeah. How often do you see people of the LGBTQIA+ community in these types of advertising? When you do, how often are they


My Coming Out Story- Lauren

  Recently I interviewed Lauren (@sighlaurn on Twitter) and she was very enthusiastic to share her coming out experiences with me. She is 16 and identifies as female. She is bisexual, sexually attracted to men and women. I asked her a series of questions which are below. 1. What was it like for you to come to terms with your sexuality? Was it difficult, or did you embrace it from the start? I’ve known from


My Coming Out Story- Tris

Tris Daley (@triisdalee on Twitter and @trisdoll_ on Instagram) opened up to me about her coming out experience in an interview I had with her. Her pronouns are she/her and she is 19 years old. She has a different take on her own sexuality and does not label herself with a specific name. Instead she told me, “I fall in love with people, not their genders/sexualities”. Below are the questions I asked her and her


Asexual People Aren’t Invisible

Written by Batrishia Anaqah There is stillness in the atmosphere tonight. The air smells of candy corn, melted chocolate, and spare change stuck at the bottom of the bag by pre-chewed gum. It’s not even sunset but the kids are already running around, albeit a little more bored than they’re willing to admit to; their candy bags are never full because they’re already sneaking some on the way to the next house. This year, I’m dressing

LGBT+, Mental Health

Stigma Against Transgenders

I used to believe that being transgender was wrong. Then I began to feel conflicted about it. It is repeatedly said that there are only two genders and that is   the basis of the argument against the transgender community. I would like to shut down that argument by asking, if there are only two genders which category does a hermaphrodite, someone who was born with both genitalia, fall into? What about a person born with


The B Word: A look at TV’s Bisexual Character’s

Recurring bisexual characters on television are on the rise,more and more characters are showing romantic and/or sexual interest to more than one gender. While the representation is amazing, it still isn’t what it needs to be. When a gay character is introduced into a show there’s often a scene where that character announces that they are gay. Bisexuals aren’t getting that same treatment —When looking into the bisexual characters of the television world, I found

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