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Mental Health

It’s Time to Break the Somali Mental Health Stigma

Somalia is a nation with a rich history, a nation that births storytellers, writers, poets and nomads; a country so beautiful it was once known as the “white pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Like any other nation, we also have a history of war, pain and trauma. For centuries, the Somali community has reduced the mental health crisis to be the “disease of the devil.” Our trauma and pain started during the beginning of the

Mental Health

The Importance of Highly Sensitive People in Society

Ever since the dawn of my existence, the world always seemed too much for me — too big, too noisy, too everything. Sad books and movies wouldn’t just render me in tears for days, they would debilitate me for weeks. It was harder to concentrate if the light bulb was burning a bit too brightly, if the room was a touch too hot or cold or if anything in my environment was slightly awry. I

Mental Health

4 Ways to Mentally Adjust to Moving and Life Changes

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once stated that “the only constant in life is change.” And, although it might sound like a paradox, in actuality, we are constantly evolving, disrupting our lives in search for something better. However, as humans our mental health can become extremely fragile during these times, making falling into a negative mindset much easier. Here are my top tips, that I have personally used, to embrace the change that comes with moving. Lock

Mental Health

“You’re Being Dramatic” And Other Things Therapists Have Told Me

The first time I went to a therapy session was in November of 2017, my mom actually took me. Let me rephrase that, after I finally managed to convince my mother (after begging relentlessly) she finally took me to therapy. The reason I was so desperate to seek help was that I had suffered, at that point, with an eating disorder and depression for over a year; I also had social anxiety for as long

Mental Health

A Look Back On My Body Dysmorphia: What I Didn’t Know

I have re-written this article so many times. Simply put: this was very hard for me to write. Believe it or not, it was much longer and cutting it down was quite the struggle. And though I didn’t anticipate the difficulty, I wrote this to share my experience in hopes that someone with a similar problem acknowledges that these ​aren’t normal actions and reaches out. The start of high school was precisely when my body

Stress. Credit: Ian Espinosa
Mental Health

This Mental Health Awareness Week, A Reminder On Dealing With Stress

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year is focused on stress, it’s key to remember top tips on dealing with stress from exams to work and home life to friendships. Dealing with an overload of stress can lead on to mental health problems from self-injury and even suicide. A study conducted by Mental Health Foundation revealed that 74% of people in the past year have at some point

Mental Health

Self-Love Needs To Include Accountability

After the show Parks and Recreation televised a scene in which the famous phrase “Treat Yo’ Self” stemmed from, the self-love and self-care trend has taken off. I hesitate to call it a trend, but essentially that’s what it became as an increasing number of people began to adopt this mentality and ideology. A simple cute scene morphed into the self-love trend we all see today in the shape of countless Tumblr posts with bullet

Mental Health

5 Ways to Relax on a Tight Schedule

The amount of self-care we choose to invest in ourselves heavily influences how positive we feel. Unfortunately, when we are subjected to a tight schedule, it seems as if we don’t have a single moment to spare for ourselves! My days are always full: I wake up everyday at sick o’clock in the morning and get home around eight o’clock at night. On weekdays I spend about eight hours at school before rushing to my

Credit: Lacie Slezak
Mental Health

How To Deal With Exam Stress

With the exam season soon approaching, many students across the globe are struggling to deal with the stress it brings. In the United Kingdom, pupils are currently getting prepared for their GCSEs and A-Levels exams but it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the pressure the season brings. Childline revealed that in 2016/17, they delivered 3,135 counselling sessions on exam stress alone with a rise of 11% from the previous two years. 1 in

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