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The Dangers of Faulty Sexual Education

This article is the introduction to our sex ed series where people share their sex ed related stories. Accurate and inclusive sexual education (and more of it) is all I’m asking for. Why is it so hard for schools to provide just that? Instead of that much needed sexual education, our youth are often being supplied with faulty and inaccurate sex ed (if they even receive any sexual education at all). Sexual education includes being

Mental Health

7 Mental Illness Myths

Mental illness has always been a topic that people didn’t want to discuss. It’s been shamed upon, as others think people with a mental illness are acting or thinking a certain way on purpose.  It is usually caused by a chemical imbalance, a traumatic experience, or a mix of the two. Our society has attached a stigma to mental disorders, making it extremely difficult for people to talk to their family or friends about it

Mental Health

Self-Diagnosing: Do or Don’t?

Recently I’ve heard quite a lot of discourse concerning whether or not it is okay to self-diagnose mental illnesses. Many claim that self-diagnosing is helpful in some ways while others believe it is something that should never be done. I have seen many people on social media saying things such as “just because something mildly sad happened in your life years ago doesn’t mean you can self-diagnose yourself with depression.” As a psychology major, it

Mental Health

So You Want To Date In High School?

In this day and age, when is dating ok? In the past, going out when you were in middle school was seen as acceptable – I have met a multitude of adults who have stated that they started dating at the age of 13, with little to no resentment from their parents. These days, however, dating has been encouraged to start later. Kids (specifically girls) are told to focus more on their studies, to postpone

Mental Health

Shaming Bi-Polar Disorder

Featured Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Being Mentally Ill and Living in a Shunning Society Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine 1 Comment Apr 8, 2016 Mental Health Affinity Magazine 1

Mental Health

Phobia of Mental Illness in the Modern Age

“Suck it up. Others have it way worse and you have absolutely no reason to be sad, so just get over it already.” This is the most common thing people with mental illnesses hear when sharing their experiences with others. Often times this scares them out of sharing how they feel with others in fear of isolation, judgment, and losing friends. People sometimes treat mental illness as a contagious disease, which leads them to avoid

Mental Health

We’re Mad, We Matter (Schizophrenia)

“Like Norman Bates?” “That’s weird” “You’re scary” “Will you kill me?” “Is it contagious?” These are some of the answers I’ve gotten when I have revealed I suffer from schizophrenia. I know most people think this kind of things, based on ignorance –most, anyway, keep themselves silent. But I don’t. Not any more. Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects one’s perception of the world, causing hallucinations and/or delusions. But it doesn’t only do this; it

Mental Health

A Battered Life Understanding the Complexities of Domestic Violence

Why doesn’t she leave? After the countless hours cleaning blood up off the bathroom floor and the time spent every morning covering up the bruises that were left on her body by the man that claims he loves her, she stayed. Unfortunately, beating after beating it gets harder to find a way out and the thought of leaving becomes more complex. To you and me the answer is obvious, leave. Get far away from the

Mental Health

Porn, Vampires, and Me

It would be naïve to believe that the objectification of girls and the exposure of young people to damaging images does not exist. Today’s teenagers have all seen porn and it has left an impact. We have all been objectified, and we have all been made to feel insecure about our bodies. It isn’t as simple as blaming the teenagers either. It isn’t our fault; if we were to point the metaphorical finger at anyone

Mental Health

Quit the Erasure of Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities are something an estimated 15% of the world’s population deals with. Generally, it’s easier for people to shut them out, or “erase” them. From a 2010 report, about 5.2% of the worlds schools have physically disabled students, although that’s a big percentage to think about, it doesn’t outweigh the other 99.2% of able-bodied students. I started the project and wrote this article in hopes of the physically disabled community getting better representation and

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