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Opinion: Should Pope Francis Resign for Helping Cover up Sexual Abuse?

Catholics are praying that the wave of sexual assault allegations are coming to an end after another startling allegation made headlines recently. Investigations on sexual abuse ranged from Philadelphia, to overseas where priests in Australia and Latin America were convicted of sexual abuse over the summer. As Pope Francis visited Ireland to talk directly to those who claim that they have been sexually assaulted by Catholic ministers, a shocking letter released to the public stated


What Has Fox News Taught Me? Avoid Conflicts of Interest.

“Hard to believe you would have gotten all those invitations if you didn’t pull a few punches,” says Meryl Streep in the Oscar-nominated film The Post, as former newspaper CEO Katharine Graham. She’s needling infamous Post Editor Bill Bradlee, portrayed by Tom Hanks, for his questionable relationship with JFK. Today, the Washington Post is “pledged to avoid conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible.” There is a reason why conflicts of interest are scrupulously examined,


Here’s Every Rebuttal To The “It’s Our Religion” Excuse On Gender Discrimination

Given the recent public attention regarding the bar on women by Several Hindu temples in India, it is important that we address each of the claims made by defenders of this long-held cultural phenomenon. When the “It’s our religion” argument is used to validate sexism, it often serves to be a particularly impenetrable line of defense, wherein those who speak out against rampant discrimination are shunned by their religious communities and their words are deemed to


How Pedophilia Feeds Off Of Child Marriage And Teen Hypersexualization

While Heavily Promoted By Society, The Perverse Attraction An Adult Has To A Child Cannot Be Justified By Or Blamed On The Media And Examples They Intake. What You Can Do If You Suspect You Are Guilty Of Having Certain Sexual Thoughts About Children, Is Seek Immediate Therapy, Or Face The Possibility Of Prison Time. Many people are shocked by pedophilia– boggled by how twisted a person has to be to fantasize about having sex


Perfect Rebuttals For Every Major Pro-Gun Argument

Bullet-proof counter arguments to use against an onslaught of opinions, contentions and faulty logic. For those of you fearing the dreaded dinner table discussion with your relative who loves guns way more than they should, run-in with the acquaintance adamant about gun protection, or confrontation with an NRA member, look no further. Here are some common pro-gun assertions and hilariously simple points to invalidate them: “It’s my second amendment right!” It’s true that owning guns


America’s Empathy Deficit Is Worsening

“I really don’t care, do u?” That was the message sprawled across First Lady Melania Trump’s jacket as she boarded her plane at Joint Base Andrews on Thursday, headed to a shelter for immigrant children in a Texas border town. As the controversy surrounding the undeniably high-profile former supermodel’s controversial choice of attire trends internationally, and her communications team claims ignorance, I find it increasingly hard to ignore a certain time-worn, yet sadly applicable, cliché:


Opinion: the World Cup is Not Just About Soccer

The 2018 FIFA World Cup began yesterday night on July 14, and with it started one of my favorite times of the year. Although this year my country did not qualify, watching international football championships will always be interesting for a series of factors that go well beyond the game itself. As a European, football (or soccer) was always a big deal. On Sunday afternoons, every town in Italy would stop for a few hours, just


Linguistic Imperialism: When English Trumps All

“This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish,” said then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, of opponent Jeb Bush, whose wife is from Mexico and whose children are Hispanic. “ should really set an example by speaking English while in the United States.” Never mind Melania’s fluency in five languages. The Trump campaign’s “America first” mindset is what ultimately won him the presidency, and is a byproduct of the reality that Americans have been subconsciously


Why Malcolm X Day, May 19, Should Be A U.S. Federal Holiday

May 19 is a date tied to the birth of the black liberation movement, a date credited to the advancements and achievements accomplished within the black and Muslim community and has relations to the Civil Rights Movement. May 19 is the birthday of Malcolm X. Malcolm X’s actions still resonate, half a decade after his passing, with many today, including me. His sayings and his words are still applicable today, and even if they weren’t,

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What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Being ‘Woke’

Last year, I was known by the majority of my grade as the ‘alt-left, anti-Trump, radical feminist’ student. I had the loudest, most radical opinions about politics and I never thought twice about sharing it. People either felt intimidated, inspired, or annoyed by my actions. And frankly, I was proud of it. I was being what everyone called, ‘woke.’ By definition, ‘woke’ is understanding and being aware of the social, political and economical issues of

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