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What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Being ‘Woke’

Last year, I was known by the majority of my grade as the ‘alt-left, anti-Trump, radical feminist’ student. I had the loudest, most radical opinions about politics and I never thought twice about sharing it. People either felt intimidated, inspired, or annoyed by my actions. And frankly, I was proud of it. I was being what everyone called, ‘woke.’ By definition, ‘woke’ is understanding and being aware of the social, political and economical issues of


Sean Hannity: Trump’s Biggest Cheerleader

Sean Hannity is one of the most prominent and influential commentators at Fox News, making over 35 million dollars annually. With a net worth of 80 million dollars, you probably think he did something spectacular right? Wrong. So how did this guy from New York become one of the best-paid and most famous people in the media? It’s pretty simple: his show Hannity. Hannity is widely known among both liberals and conservatives across America. It


Anita Hill Is a Living, Breathing Monument

According to the NAACP, “whites started lynching because they felt it was necessary to protect white women.” In the late nineteenth century, an allegation of rape routinely proved to be an indictment unequivocally punishable by way of a twisted form of vigilante justice. The newly opened National Memorial for Peace and Justice is the first museum in the U.S. dedicated solely to ensuring that the thousands of black lives lost to postbellum lynching matter today.

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Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal: A Modern Myth

Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal. This phrase, often coupled with a moderate political stance, demonstrates an individual’s support for LGBTQ+ rights and the pro-choice movement, but also support for conservative fiscal policies, such as lower taxes, small government, privatization, free trade, and deregulation of the economy. Support for this viewpoint can be found in Republican senator Marco Rubio saying he “would go attend a gay marriage,” and Republican senator Ted Cruz voicing support for states choosing their own marijuana


Opinion: France Shouldn’t Shame People for Being Religious

I remember the first time I truly felt a sense of belonging. I was young, I don’t know how old, I had a chunni covering my head, a Kharra (Sikh bangle) dangling on my right arm and I was sat crossed-legged on the floor in the Darbar Sahib of my local Gudwara. Listening to the holy verses of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in a congregation of people, I felt at one. I had


Climate Change Will Never Be A “Good” Thing

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has a long history of being among the climate change deniers. He, along with several others, refused to believe that the human race contributed to the phenomenon of global warming. Although it is contradictory to appoint him as head of the EPA, it was exactly what our current president did. Emails recently released revealed that Pruitt personally oversaw efforts last year to take down information on


Don’t Make Excuses for Donald Trump

Far too often, I hear concessions being made for President Trump. They expect so little from him that anything vaguely presidential or even somewhat professional comes off as groundbreaking and dynamic. When he gives speeches that don’t end in rambling screaming, people applaud his “presidential nature,” as though that’s something he should be complemented on and not part of his job description. Recently, someone told me that “Trump may be a racist sometimes, but it’s


Why You Should Care About The Environment

Environmental issues are some of the most pressing concerns of today, however discussion surrounding the problem is surprisingly scarce. This is because many people don’t understand why they should care about the planet, seeing as in their lives nothing is different. To counter this, this article will highlight 4 reasons as to why you should care about our environment. 1. Because it’s exactly that: OUR environment. Just because you personally may not be experiencing the devastating


Movements like #MeToo Need to Protect Sex Workers

With movements like #MeToo, we are finally giving issues of sexual assault and harassment attention. Victims are now more comfortable speaking up and revealing this epidemic in our society. However, a certain group of people must still fear retribution for speaking out: sex workers. Paid sex work is currently illegal in the United States, making it difficult for sex workers to reach out to law enforcement when they are sexually and physically abused. Sex workers


The Internet Age’s Race to Success is Damaging Us

At only 19, I’m too young to feel like I’m a failure, but I can’t help this insidious feeling that creeps up on me when I lie in bed at night thinking about my future. In just a few weeks I will turn twenty and if I am honest with myself I am more hesitant than excited about exiting my teenage years. All I can see is a clock ticking down and down through my

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