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The Abuse of Qualified Immunity Within the Police Force

The limitations of qualified immunity for police officers have always been a hot topic in United States. The concept of qualified immunity is known as a form of defense for government officials as well as for police officers when they are sued for infringing citizens’ constitutional rights. Citizens need to be aware that only individuals are able to declare qualified immunity against proceedings, not governments. If ever they sue both the police officers and government, then they can still


Privilege of Social Justice Access: The Flaws of Modern Activism

In Michael B. Jordan’s interview with Vanity Fair for their November 2018 edition, he claimed that it’s difficult for people to think beyond slavery when they look at Black people because “we don’t have any mythology, black mythology, or folklore.” His statements seemed to come from a place of good intentions, and his point was about getting more Black people’s stories to be told in Hollywood, but the delivery of his message was lost on

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Does Texas A&M University Have A Diversity Problem?

Let’s rewind: Election season was in full bloom at Texas A&M University in the Spring of 2018 and once again it did not fail to deliver its newest set of controversy. This time, it had to with much more than glow sticks. Then student body presidential candidate Ben Johnson made racist comments on an old Instagram post which was leaked on Twitter by the student organization TAMU Anti-Racism, along with a note urging students not

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Brazilian Election: The decision is Easier Than You Think

Brazil is going through a delicate moment. The presidential elections have never been as polarized and controversial as 2018’s have been. On one side, there is Haddad. A leftist candidate who has a speech that resonates with social commitment, but at the same time, whose political party (“PT”) has had involvement with corruption and money laundering over the years. On the other side, there is Bolsonaro. A self-proclaimed conservative, with speeches of hatred and prejudice going


Feminism in the Classroom: Social Education for the New Generation

When I was fifteen years old, my closest friend started dating a boy from our brother school. It was very sudden, and she refused to talk about it, but I figured that she was uncomfortable with the attention from her friends- not uncomfortable with him. Months passed. One day, she confided to me that something had happened and she wanted to end things with him. It was a school lunch period, sitting in our little


The Relevance Of The Unabomber’s Manifesto Today

After binge-watching the hit series on Netflix ‘Manhunt: The Unabomber’ early this year, I became extremely intrigued into the mind of Theodore Kaczynski and the psychology embedded in his somewhat futuristic ideology. Theodore Kaczynski is a US serial killer, who killed three people over the course of a 17-year bombing campaign against technology, and remained unidentified from the FBI until his brother identified him from his 35,000-word manifesto. He demanded that The Washington Post published his


The Problem With Protest Marching

Protests have notably increased ever since Trump went into office. Marching has been a prominent way of protesting and is a great way to bring awareness to a certain event or situation — however, in this day and age, it is not a productive way to invoke change, especially if it’s a political matter. As society evolves, we need to change the way we protest. For example, after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, students


No, White Women. You’re Not the N*****s of the World

The white feminism jumped out of Hocus Pocus actress Bette Midler last Thursday, and now Halloween might have to be put on hold. (Okay, so not really. But maybe.) In a now-deleted tweet, Midler quoted Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s “Women is the N*gger of the World” song: Despite being called out on her use of the quote, one that black women have repeatedly said needs to be put to rest, Midler went on with her


Why “It’s A Very Scary Time” For Cis-Het White Men

In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings and eventual judicial confirmation to the United States Supreme Court, America has been left with many mingling emotions. However, the dominant and most concerning feeling, according to President Trump, is fear. Which is undoubtedly a strange and terrible new sensation for cisgender heterosexual white men. It’s evident that our country’s biggest issue isn’t men being chauvinists and rapists. No, the problem is women degrading the character of men


Political Opinion Has Turned Into a Civil War

Long gone are the days that political ideologies or identities were perceived as chatty or characteristic, the days that debates about reoccurring history and current events don’t turn completely maddening. Honestly, do we read books about the concepts and structures that is modern political identity? Or do we just frame a sense of myopia as virtue, and praise figureheads who represent strong political opinions that are nothing but an emblematic, fiery tweet? In politics, in

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