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It’s Time To Hold Men Accountable For Sexual Assault

Time after time, mistake after mistake, we as a society, as friends, as siblings, as parents have made the mistake not to hold men accountable for their actions. We have let them go on with their actions without harsher, stricter consequences and disciplinary actions as they continue to stride into society with no respect for women and lead to destroy lives. Enough is enough. If you have read my first article with Affinity Magazine, you

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The Pressure Cooker: The True Culprits Of Cheating

On the morning of Saturday, June 11th, 2016, Kim sharpened his specifically chosen 2B pencils, double checking once more that he had his erasers, pens, and water bottle packed methodically in his bag. With a deep sigh he welcomed what was to come. Grinning, he thought with pride of his recent high score on a mock ACT. Adjusting his glasses, he strutted into the ACT room with the confidence as if he had already aced


An open letter to my fellow young Americans

Dear Young Americans, I’m 16 years old. I’m female. I’m queer. and I’m having my life decided for me by old white straight men. Since Trump has become the President-elect, one of my best friends fears being harassed because she is a woman and my other best friend fears being assaulted because he is gay. It’s terrifying to think that there is so much hate in this country that someone such as Donald Trump could


How do I, as a Jew, fit into Trump’s America?

I was shocked. A feeling of extreme disgust and sadness swept over me. I was on a trip with other Jewish teens over Europe and Israel. This day, we were visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau, two of the most infamous concentration camps from the Holocaust. As I saw the atrocities that had happened there, I vowed to myself, “Never again.” Now, months after my trip, was the 2016 Presidential Election, where one of the possible candidates


I’m Legally an Adult, So Why Can’t I Legally Drink?

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed in 1984. This bill withholds federal funding to states that allow the sale of alcohol to persons under 21 years old. Some states opted to ban consumption completely, even in a private residence or with parental supervision, for anyone under 21 years old. All of the attempts to stop it thus far have been heavily opposed by the group that caused it to begin with, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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Is There Activism Beyond Famous Artwork?

Edgar Degas and his Silent Ballerinas Degas was a genius. His artwork went viral, and his paintings haunt the halls of famous museums like the MET and the Musée d’Orsay. Degas believed that an artist should remain mysterious, and essentially die alone. He crept the halls of theatres and found his inspiration through young ballerinas training to become famous dancers. The sketches to me are the most significant. They show every pointy bone on the


Are NCAA Sports Modern Day Slavery?

On the outside, college football appears fine. When we think of college football, we think of home games with electric atmospheres and friendly rivalries–harmless enough. Yes, it may be a bit damaging to the body, but safety is often disregarded when it comes to such a solid part of American culture. However, there’s a much darker side to the green fields and brown pigskin that this country holds so dear in our hearts. Unsurprisingly, college

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An Open Letter to the Baby Boomers

Dear Baby Boomers, We, the millennials, would like to commend your great scientific accomplishment. You have perfected time travel. You have managed to stay perfectly sound inside of a time-stasis bubble, allowing you to remain in the 1950’s indefinitely regardless of how time passes around you. All my life, I’ve been told that control over time was impossible. Yet here you are, amidst the world of the early 21st century, walking, talking, and acting like


Is Neoliberalism Ruining Everything?

Freedom, in some cases, should be stimulated with the idea that there is ‘no other option.’ Since the revolution of the modern world in the 60s, people seemed to exercise their redefined freedom through spending. Psychologists claim that Neoliberalism has heavily impacted today’s society because of overconsumption. Society today has also redefined its basic set of needs, and amped up the belief that “money can buy happiness.” There are luxury cars, luxury furniture, luxury appliances, luxury sporting equipment-


Dear Hillary, Kick Bill to the Curb

Dear Hillary Clinton, I’m an 18 year old girl, voting for the first time this election. I will be voting for you because I believe you are intelligent, experienced, and will make a strong leader. With your role as the first female President of the United States, you will serve as a mentor to all of the young ladies in the nation (and the world). That means we look up to you and will likely

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