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The Truth About Not Wearing Make-Up

Recently, I’ve seen more discussion on social media regarding the choice to wear make-up (and the choice to wear lots of it). More and more voices are coming out of the woodwork to defend the choices of girls (and guys!) who wear make-up and explain to judgmental people, especially men, that no one is dressing or putting on make-up for their approval, and that wearing make-up does not necessarily equate to insecurity. Many girls who


We Are Not Academic War Machines

When I was in my senior year of high school, I only had 6 months left of school and then I would be in my study break. Those 6 months were spent with one goal: studying to prepare for the public examinations. This would determine whether one would get into a bachelor’s degree in university (much like SATs or the A-levels). Yes, instead of enjoying my last year of high school, I spent it on


Rowan Blanchard Is An Amazing Influence For This Generation

Many people may know Rowan Blanchard from the Disney Channel show, Girl Meets World, but if you follow Rowan on social media you begin to know a whole other side to who she is. I started following Rowan on social media, Twitter and Instagram, about a year ago; and she has truly inspired me in so many ways. Rowan is an advocate for Feminism, LGBT Rights, Black people’s rights, Mental Health awareness, and just equality


The Black Panther Movie Will Be Very Black, And Very Good

If you haven’t gone to see Captain America: Civil War yet then that probably means you haven’t seen how incredible Chadwick Boseman is as T’Challa aka The Black Panther, and it definitely means you didn’t get to see the awesome Black Panther movie teaser at the end of the show. If you did go see it, you probably laughed every time T’Challa saw Bucky, or died when he plainly stated that he is not his father,

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Letting Go Of A Friend

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with depression. I am currently on medication, and I am focusing on living a positive life. Lately I have been re evaluating the relationships in my life, and I am really figuring out what friends are really there for me and a positive influence in my life. Almost the past two years I have had this friend who always brought me down a little, she made me feel bad


Confessions of a Teenage “Champagne Socialist”

Something I often hear from adults when they find out I’m passionate about activism is that I’m a hypocrite. I’m a hypocrite for speaking out against a system I dislike whilst simultaneously living in it, reaping many of its benefits. I’m a hypocrite because, according to them, either I should distance myself completely from this system or stop criticizing it. Just yesterday I was called a “champagne socialist” – defined by the oxford dictionaries online

Feminism, Op-ed

6 Realities of Growing Up A Girl

Being a young woman I have noticed that sexism has always played an underlying role in my everyday life. It has affected the way in which I live my life and the difficulties that I face. I have found that there are many harsh realities that come along with growing up as a girl. These realities can have a negative impact on growing girls and are often unfair double standards. You will be sexualized at


Books About Black People (That Aren’t About Slavery)

If you’re black and you grew up reading, you probably got pretty used to reading books about people who didn’t look like you. At some point most of us got tired of reading about pretty white girls trying to find love, or rebellious white girls trying to survive in the a dystopian world and we stopped reading. When we talk about representation, we talk about movies and television– but never books. Reading is fundamental (duh)


Open Letter To Venezuela – We Live In A Dictatorship!

  Written by Valentina Morillo It’s very common that countries in Latin America don’t get enough coverage on what’s going on, one of those countries is Venezuela. As a person who lives there (soon to leave the country to seek better opportunities) I wanted to let you know how many countries live in very poor situations and have no idea how to get out of there since we don’t get enough coverage or enough importance from

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Speaking Out on #whitewashedOUT and Why It Matters

The Asian American (and Asians too, including myself) are speaking out against the lack of diversity and representation in Asian narratives and of Asian actors not only in Hollywood but also in how the issue causes bigger problems for the community. With news of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange to Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell to past movies such as Aloha and Dragon Ball Evolution, it’s no surprise. Constance Wu,

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