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Music Meets Protest: Five Songs That Show Activism

  From vinyl records to streaming albums on Spotify and Apple Music, the way we listen to and access the art of music has definitely changed and evolved throughout the years, but the importance of it has remained the same as its impact is immortal. Another aspect that has not vanished from music is that it has been used by many to protest and speak up for those who feel as if their voice has


Rihanna: The Anti Role Model

If there is one woman in the entire world that I absolutely adore and love with very fiber in my being, it’s Rihanna aka BadGalRiRi. She embodies everything as a woman that I love: beauty, intelligence, honesty, attitude, vocals, etc. I can go on and on about Rihanna; from her remarkable fashion sense to her having hitting those insane notes with her powerful voice. There is one thing I can say about Rihanna that most


Why Doesn’t Anyone Care That Lindsey Lohan is Being Abused?

Writer’s Note: I feel the need to quickly address ordinary victims of abuse. If celebrities hardly get their stories told, what happens to the woman on your street whose husband hits her behind closed doors? Or the boy you sit next to in class who’s verbally abused by his girlfriend if he doesn’t text her back immediately? They’re just as important, if not more. In fact, the only reason they aren’t mentioned directly in the


An Open Letter to High School Seniors

It’s the day all seniors dread from the minute school lets out for summer two and a half months earlier. The day when part of our freedom is taken away from us. The freedom of late summer nights without a care in the world – gone; the freedom of clear minds with rested souls – gone. Now, we have the fear of inauspicious AP exams and college to worry about. Granted, some, if not most,


Please Stop Telling Me To Get Off Of My Phone

I’ll admit it; I have an addiction. Sometimes I use my phone when I’m at the dinner table, when I should be working in class, and even when I’m talking to my friends. It can be a bad habit and I’m trying to break it and engage with the real world more. However I, like most teenagers, am tired of being scolded for “always being on that phone”. I know how to use my phone

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What Freedom of Speech Really Means

In the late morning of 7 January 2015, two armed gunmen entered the headquarters of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire. In the aftermath, the massacre left twelve dead and eleven wounded, including Charlie Hebdo workers, journalists, and local law enforcement. When news of the shooting spread across mainstream media, it seemed as though the world banded together in support of France and Charlie Hebdo. This deepened when news confirmed the two perpetrators,


The Get Down is The G.O.A.T (Part One)

The Get Down follows a group of intercity teenagers telling their lives as an epic adventure filled with Bruce Lee movie sound effects, lyrics written by Nas, and all the bellbottoms and afros anyone could ever want. In a matter of two short days the show has taken the nation by storm with its impeccable insight into the middle of the Bronx’s burning period. It gives a giant head nod to the reality behind the

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No Justice, No Peace. Literally.

The recent events in Milwaukee have sparked renewed conversations regarding protests, rioting, and civil unrest. As people continue to shout “No justice, no peace!” there comes a point where the declaration must be critically analyzed. So, what is really meant by the phrase? Merriam-Webster defines ‘peace’ simply as “a state in which there is no war or fighting.”  Justice is defined as “the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and

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Why Centennials Are Doomed

Centennials, the iGeneration, Generation Z – call us what you want. We are seen to be the most selfish, obnoxious and shallow group of people ever to be born. The ‘ME’ generation, absorbed with self image and addicted to technology. Tragic. We have been called the lost generation, too online to be helping with problems or creating anything new. Not completely true. We have seemingly founded a new culture. Full of hashtags and selfies. But


The Rise of Trump: America Is Just Addicted to Trashy Reality TV Stars

From Keeping Up With The Kardashians, all the way back to MTV’s Real World and Jersey Shore, the world cannot seem to get enough of trashy, big mouthed celebrities, embarrassing themselves on national television. So is it really that big of a surprise that Donald Trump is now the leading Republican figure in this election? Now I’m not saying that the Republican Party should be the center of a new, juicy, guilty pleasure reality show,

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