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Let’s Stop Arguing About Religion

Discussing religions and worldviews can make for riveting philosophical and intellectual dialogue, but when they take an aggressive turn, is it still productive? Or is it now counter-intuitive? As our American presidential candidates fight for their ability to be the next leader of our country, it’s inevitable to see religion be involved in discussions, from marriage equality to the presence of planned parenthood in government spending to whether or not “Islam hates us”. Candidates’ views

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Not Relationship Goals: 10 On Screen Relationships We Need To Stop Glorifying

  Ah, young love. Passing notes in class, awkwardly slow dancing at the high school prom, kissing, kicking, screaming, manipulating, controlling, pressuring, mocking- when did this become so normal? Of course, the real-life answer is never- toxic has never been normal, and it never will be. So why are we being inundated with film and television that seems to disagree? From blurring the lines on consent to glamourizing mental illness to mistaking jealous, angry behaviour

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Should We Give “Problematic Faves” The Benefit of the Doubt?

Today we are responsible for what we say regardless of our intentions. There is a heavy impulse to pick apart the literal interpretation rather than the meaning. In today’s world of millions with video cameras in their pockets, constant online messages, and screenshots galore, there is an upped standard of responsibility for what we say. It seems like every other day emails leak, screenshots expose, and photos incriminate celebs doing an array of questionable things.

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Three Companies That Say “No” To Fast Fashion

It’s no secret that fast fashion is a toxic, dangerous industry. Ethically and environmentally, its damages to the world are terrifying, and sadly continue to occur despite documentaries like The True Cost weighing in on the reality behind brands such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop. Not only do they exploit their workers while the heads of the companies make ridiculous amounts of money (Amancia Ortego, the founder of Zara, is worth $74.6 billion

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Is Fashion Dying?

  The world of fashion was shook with shock when it found out that well-known creative director, Raf Simmons, signed a deal with Calvin Klein that pays $18 million annually. 2015 seems to be the year that the fashion world completely fell apart. Alber Elbaz left Lanvin, Raf left Dior, NYFW is set to challenge the whole seasonal system, adopting a ‘show now, buy now, wear now’ mantra. Like all art forms, fashion is made


Save Your Money With These #KyShadow Dupes

Note: All products listed here are cruelty free. Just yesterday, Kylie Jenner announced she will be adding eyeshadows to her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics. She revealed on snapchat and twitter that The Bronze Palette will be leading the four palettes she has already designed since it is the most special one to her. However, the palette will be worth $42 (minus shipping). Despite the already pricey cost, it is practically impossible to get your hands on a Kylie Cosmetics product


Why Are Art Students Not Respected?

As an art student I have noticed a disappointing trend: I am devalued, underestimated, and constantly belittled.  No matter how good my creative work is, people scam me out of commissions, ask me to work for exposure, or even call my work “easy”.  I think anyone who is perusing a career the creative arts: wether it be performing arts, writing, music, or visual arts, has had similar experiences. My main question is why are artists


Neon Genesis Evangelion: Mirror of Our Imperfections in Anime

In the anime world, Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) goes by many names: a masterpiece, a classic, a piece of trash, and overrated, among others. These are things that fans and critics alike also use to describe the series as a whole. It’s one of those either you love it or hate it series. But like many other anime that aired in the 90s, NGE is much more of a philosophical, less chaotic piece than its more


An Open Letter to the Social Justice Warriors of the Web

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way shape or form meant to serve as some form of ridiculous judgement or ‘shade throwing’, it is merely based on my personal observations as seen on the internet and is strictly then a generalization,  if this does not apply to you, great wonderful my sincerest apologies for lumping you into a large group of people. THIS IS MY OWN OPINION, which you can choose to take into consideration or discard

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