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Speaking Out on #whitewashedOUT and Why It Matters

The Asian American (and Asians too, including myself) are speaking out against the lack of diversity and representation in Asian narratives and of Asian actors not only in Hollywood but also in how the issue causes bigger problems for the community. With news of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange to Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell to past movies such as Aloha and Dragon Ball Evolution, it’s no surprise. Constance Wu,


Uniform Policies Are Stupid, I Came To School To Learn

(This piece developed while I was writing my “Into the World of Japan’s School Girl Culture” and how I was able to relate to the whole objectifying young girls in their uniform issue to my own experience of wearing a school uniform.) Wearing a school uniform is part of the whole education process. And in many countries, including United Kingdom, South Africa and various countries in Asia, it is a must to wear approved uniforms


I’m A Becky, Stop Celebrating My Good Hair

  White privilege is real; there is no arguing against that. However, the internet insists that being called a “Becky with good hair” is somehow derogatory. Let me tell you, as a white girl that grew up in Brazil’s city with the largest Black population, I’m a Becky. And by Beck I mean I’m a stereotypical white girl, let’s not start quoting Urban Dictionary in order to invalidate one’s argument. While I’m Latina, born in


Trump Has Been Saying What America Thinks

One question: Why are we all so surprised that Donald Trump could be a candidate in this upcoming November election? Truthfully we all know the answer and most of us are too scared to admit it. Trump is the only candidate that has done what the majority of Americans are too ashamed to do– own up to the fact that he is racist, homophobic, sexist, and just plain ridiculous. And that’s why they love him.

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A Political Quagmire: Pick Your Poison

We all know it is secretly true. This election has been nothing but an ego-showcase, or competition to see which candidate can get the most followers on Twitter. In a world that is trying so desperately hard to become so advanced, we have found nothing but extreme segregation resulting in actual hate crimes, and uneducated and out-right stupid statements regarding- running the most powerful country in the world. Americans truly didn’t realize how good they


Dear Israel, from a Jewish woman #FREEPALESTINE

As someone Jewish with a whole Jewish family, this is a very important topic to me. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Israel vs Palestine conflict. Currently the Israeli Military has taken over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and much more which were previously Palestine’s lands. The Israeli Military is keeping Palestinian’s hostage, denying them basic necessities of life (water, food, shelter, etc) and using torturous methods. This might be a new unheard of

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Millennials and “Bernie Bros”: The Demonization of Hillary Clinton

For a majority of our lives, we’ve all been taught to hate Hillary Clinton. Often perceived as untrustworthy, Hillary has been demonized by both popular media and popular culture. As an intern on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, I often noticed a lack of millennial presence. Most of my peers were either older college students or middle aged adults; there wasn’t much in between. Whenever I attempted to recruit my friends or people that belonged


Quit Saying F**kboy: The History Behind an Ugly Word

In 2015, a new word entered our popular lexicon. And it caught on and spread like wildfire. It’s the word “f**kboy”. You may have heard the word once or twice or 300 times. Finally, a word came along that was equivalent of slut-shaming a woman (not advocating slut-shaming anyone, by the way). For so long, guys could call women sluts and whores/hoes without retribution. And suddenly, here’s the chance to do that with guys. But

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Dear Kanye West: You Are Still My Problematic Fav, Sadly

Dear Kanye, I wish people would stop trying to diagnose you with a mental illness. Whether you have one or not, they should really leave that to the doctors. I’m not going to dance around the issue of your tweets: they’re pretty outrageous in wording and, well, there are a lot of them; one after the other, preaching to an audience that may not like what you’re saying but will retweet you anyway. There are

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